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Dinnertime is not always the best time in my house.  My three-year-old is usually tugging at my pant legs while I frantically try and figure out what I can do with the ingredients I have in my fridge and pantry. A few times a week, desperation will set in, and I’ll have my husband bring home take out.

So when I heard about Fresh 20, a meal planning service that helps families whip up five healthy dinners using just 20 ingredients a week, I was sold. And, I totally sympathized with the owner’s plight. We also spent way too much money on take out and the toll hit more than just our pocket books.

Frustrated by overspending on unhealthy convenience foods, owner and mom Melissa Lanz set out to find a better way to cook for her family. She wasn’t just looking for fast and simple – she was looking for fast and fresh. From that, Fresh 20 was born. She created a weekly shopping list of just 20 ingredients that would serve as the basis for a week full of delicious recipes. This was a far cry from popping a frozen meal in the microwave. Now everything she served was preservative free – and totally fresh.

I signed up on Fresh 20 for the classic service and was treated to a wealth of recipe options that would suit my family’s tastes and dietary needs. If you’re gluten free, vegan, vegetarian or have any other issues, there’s a plan for you.  Here’s a sample of one of my week’s last month:

Monday: Spinach Ricotta Chicken Sautéed Tomatoes

Tuesday: Maple Soy Salmon Cauliflower Rice Noodles

Wednesday: Chicken Pot Pie Side Salad

Thursday: Sage Pork Chops
w/ Maple Orange Sauce Brown Rice Carrots

Friday: Vegetarian Lasagna Simple Salad

And, don’t be fooled by the fancy recipe titles. These meals were a breeze to cook, and we had enough for some really awesome leftovers.  Even the kitchen incompetent could put these meals together, because the recipes are written out in easy to understand step-by-step directives.

Overall, this is a great concept that I learned a lot from, and will be coming back to. It definitely set a precedent for healthy eating in our house.

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