Spring Cleaning Made Easy

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When you live in a small apartment like I do, spring cleaning is something that must be done on a constant basis, not just once or twice a year. You have to keep re-arranging, getting rid of unused items, making room for more. This past weekend, my husband and I completely re-organized our closets: took out old clothes to donate, threw away empty boxes and old shoes, and just took a hard look at items we have not used in the past year and asked ourselves if we plan on using them. Feeling a little sad about letting go of some things, I went online to get some tips on how to cope, how to get the most out of spring cleaning and, most importantly, how to get motivated.

I found some wonderful and practical ideas at Lifeorganizers.com:

  • Making a checklist – this can keep you organized while you’re organizing, so you don’t lose track or forget anything.
  • Assigning a different task every day – this will definitely help you from being overwhelmed by the amount of work you’re set out to do.
  • Be ruthless – this is a tough one for me. I love stuff; I love old clothes and hate to get rid of them; I love knick-knacks and useless souvenirs I bought on vacations; I love old, broken furniture that look awful…I just find it hard to let them go. I wish my place had that Feng Shui emptiness, or at least, less clutter, but it’s just not me.

I also found some useful tips at The Happy Housewife:

  • Focus on the small job first – I always feel accomplished, even when I perform small tasks. Once I do them, this really gets me in “cleaning mode”.
  • Let the kids help  – okay, this is a little tricky. My kids are either all in, or all out (and when they’re all out, they’re usually running around the house, singing songs at the top of their lungs). But if I can get them on board, they’d actually end up being pretty useful, especially my five-year-old daughter, who, when she’s in cleaning mode, can do a better job than me because she is so thorough.
  • Reward yourself – small rewards, like taking a short break every 15 minutes can be helpful. I like to reward myself by going online for 5-10 minutes and reading my favorite blogs, such as (ahem!) Savvy Sassy Moms.Other Savvy Resources:  10 ways to Clean Green and you can print out this handy Martha Stewart Spring Cleaning Checklist!

Savvy Sassy Spring Cleaning Supplies!

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So get in the mode and get in the mood; grab a couple of cardboard boxes and some dust cloths and get to it!
You’ll feel accomplished, useful and organized!

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