Project closet organization!

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Warning!!!  What you are about to see in the following photos is neither Savvy nor Sassy, and it may shock you!

Hangers?  What are Hangers?

Can you see the floor?

I hope my daughter can get out! 

Okay, so the secret is out and I am SUPER embarrassed!  This year I had only one New Years resolution, and that was to hang up my clothes!  So when Apartment Guide came knocking and asked me to take part in a  “New Year, New Space”  blogger challenge, I knew exactly what area I would tackle.  Check out this slideshow of my Savvy Sassy Transformation! 




No matter where you live and no matter what size, everyone could use a fresh and organized place.  Apartment Guide has tips for decorating, cleaning, organizing, and making the most of your space. They even have creative ideas on how to entertain in your place!

Apartment Guide’s website is a great source for packing, moving, hiring movers, and even dealing with utilities.  If you’re ready for a whole new space, looking to move or ready to re-vamp your exsisting space, Apartment Guide has the photos, floor plans, features and tips to help you.

I went shopping at my local Target and Home Goods for all of my organizational products, furniture and accessories!

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The mess continued even outside of the closet!

How’s that for an organized closet
with a little Mom Space on the side!

“New Year, New Space” Giveaway!

I’ve got a $100 American Express Gift Card
to help you create a little Mom Space!
 To Enter
1.  Be honest, is your closet as bad as mine?
2.  Tell me what room or space in your home needs a make-over and why?

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Disclosure:  Apartment Guide is owned by Consumer Source, Inc. Apartment Guide partnered with bloggers such as myself to participate in its New Year, New Space Blogger Challenge.  As part of that program, I received compensation.  They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about the products used for the New Year, New Space Blogger Challenge. Apartment Guide and Consumer Source believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Consumer Source’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

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  1. My closet is AT LEAST as bad as yours. I could take pictures, but.. then I’d need to tear it all apart and reorganize it or deal with the shame. I tell myself that it’s because a) I’m too busy to deal with it right now, and b) we live in Los Angeles in a small apartment so we don’t have the space to adequately handle all of my stuff. Neither are excuses, I know.

    My dining area desperately needs a makeover because right now, we don’t have a functional dining table that seats my whole family since my son was born, and since we also have a computer and desk there it’s become the dumping ground for so much of my 7 year old’s stuff. It’s cluttered and isn’t functional or pretty so it needs to change.

    This was an inspiring post! Maybe I can work on my closet sometime soon. 🙂

  2. I also signed up for your newsletter! I was going to like Apartment Guide on Facebook, but the link wouldn’t work for me.

  3. I actually had to do a double take as I thought this was my closet. It is great to know that I am not alone. My bedroom is truly in need of a makeover. We recently moved and I have a smaller bedroom and only one closet. I decided it would be rude not to let me hubby have the other closet:) I always go to the store looking for things to organize my room but I get overwhelmed. Your pictures have truly inspired me!!! All I want for my birthday this month is a clean room:)

  4. oh yes. my closet is as bad as yours. Not sure if I’d spend the $100 on that, on another 2 hours with my organizer or on my office (which is another messy messy small small space.

  5. So funny to see this. I started a major house cleaning project a couple months ago. I took videos around the house and shared them on my blog . It was so embarassing to show the mess, but you’ve now made me feel better about that. Plus, putting it up for the public to see and promising results holds you accountable. You did a great job organizing that closet. It looks great. How is the rest of your house?

  6. My closet is pretty organized. I’m kind of obsessive about it actually. What could really use a makeover? EVERY other room in my house! If I had to pick one it would be my bedroom. We need new bedding, a rug, new curtains, a coat of paint, new closet doors, and a sassy light fixture. The $100 sure wouldn’t hurt!

  7. My closet is as bad as yours was…maybe worse. I don’t have a walk in closet so everything is on the floor in a very small space…I totally have to dig just to find a pair of shoes 🙁

  8. My closet is as bad or worse than yours. It needs help and you have inspired me to start getting it organized. I have signed up for your newsletter and liked and am following Apartment Guide. Thank you!

  9. My closet is better than 2010, but honestly any closet including the linen closet could use an overhaul in organization.

  10. Although my closet isn’t so bad now, I have found myself in a situation where I am going to be moving into a small apartment alone with my children and organizing will soon be a huge challenge and a necessary way of life. Thanks for the ideas.

  11. To be honest my closet is bad but not as bad as yours.

  12. My bedroom definitely needs a makeover because I have stuff everywhere!! Every time I fix it get back like that again. Also I need new furniture.

  13. I am following apartment guide on twitter @purplelaptop2

  14. My closet makes your closet (pre-makeover) look like a neat freaks closet. I shield my eyes when I have to open it for fear I’ll turn to stone..yep its that bad (and tiny too…Tinkerbell would feel cramped in my closet).
    I’d love to steal my two sons shared room (a huge room in our basement ) and make it into a bedroom/mama’s hideaway for me! Say every year that this is the year I’m doing it and we’ve been here 8 years now!

  15. I “liked” Apartment Guide on FAcebook (Kess n Crystal Warren on Facebook)

  16. following Apartment Guide on Twitter now as @happyenchilada2

  17. My closet isn’t NEARLY as bad as your was.

  18. Our bathroom, oh my. It’s almost depressing to walk in there. In fact, we’re thinking about just moving 🙂

  19. I follow Apartment Guide on Facebook (Dusty Bastian)

  20. I follow Apartment Guide on Twitter (@DMBastian)

  21. I’m signed up for your newsletter

  22. Actually my closet is worse then yours. I still have boxes from when we moved in and you can’t even see the floor of my closet because it is covered in clothes.

  23. Shoot I hit submit too soon! The rest of the answer to your question is: my closet and my kids closet are in need of a makeover, the closet doors on both are broken and the shelving is broken so in the kids closet I can’t utilize all the space.

    I liked Apartment Guide on facebook

  24. My closet is probably worse. It’s supposed to be a walk in but you can only walk in if you climb over things. We have a dresser filled with sheets along with a ton of clothes from 15 years ago. Could definitely use a closet makeover!

  25. I follow Apartment Guide on twitter.


  26. I sub’d and confirmed to the Savvy Sassy Mom newsletter.


  27. Yeah. My bedroom. Not just a closet, but my WHOLE bedroom. It desperately needs a makeover too.

  28. My closet isn’t *quite* as bad as yours. My stuff is hung up. But there are so many boxes and stored things you can barely get to the clothes.

  29. I like Apartment Guide on FB: Cindy Dyer

    Also, I forgot to add that my laundry room is the room that needs the most help in this house.

  30. Now I’d really like a new light fixture over my bed to replace the ceiling fan…yuck 😉

  31. I like Apt. Guide on facebook…that’s is how I found your wonderful blog…cool beans 😉

  32. I just recently organized my closet while getting ready for the baby to arrive, so it’s not too bad. Now, HER closet, on the other hand, is full of stuff that I need to figure out how to store before she gets here 🙂

  33. The space that needs the biggest make-over in our place is our master bedroom. It’s the one room that no one else sees, so we kind of put decorating it last, and it’s really quite barren and plain.

  34. I’m your newest subscriber because I like your blog and not because of this contest 😉

  35. I am need of a serious closet makeover! I would love a mommy space in my master, too! Quick confession: I was cleaning our tub’s water jets and left the water running which flooded my bathroom and master closet! It was a mess! I ripped out the carpet in the closet & it is still a disaster. I really need to do something with it because I hate walking on concrete!

  36. Ok, you have inspired me! I’ve been putting of home organization projects for years. The room looks wonderful, by the way 🙂

  37. Yes! my workspace is so cluttered its worse than my closet and yours!

    I would use the gift card to re organize my desk to make headway on getting my thesis done for my masters!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  38. To be honest my bedroom closet is much worse than yours! It needs major help! My bedroom and closet need an overhaul!

  39. Currently, my closest isn’t quite as bad, but it can be when I don’t have time to clean and organize! My home office could really use some organizing, though, as it is a small space and I don’t have anything to use for files, etc!

  40. Yes, my closet is as bad as yours…SAD!! Was just talking to the hubby this past week about needing our closet to be organized so maybe he’d stop throwing his clothes in the floor….

  41. my closet looks ok- but my daughters closet is oh so bad- hers needs help

    tcogbill at live dot com

  42. Sadly, my closet is worse. We live in an older home and closet space is NOT plentiful. Would love some creative organizational solutions!

  43. I will admit that my closet is not as bad as yours… most of my clothes are hung up… but there is much to much “stuff” on the floor in my closet. I have no real home for it. I would use the organizational solutions to create a place for all my “stuff” and maybe even a semi office.

  44. Yes! I so need a Makeover! But it’s not my closet, its my office. I work from home and share our home office with my family’s computer. It has turned in to a junk room! Everything that nobody wants goes in to this room and its a total disaster! BTW just signed up for your newsletters and already follow you on Twitter. Thanks for all the great info!

  45. Honestly my closet is worse than yours was….lol, seriously so embarassing….
    My master bedroom closet definitely needs a makeover….I want everything organized so mornings go more smoothly and I can find the clothes I want to wear!
    mainlandmama at gmail dot com

  46. My closets are cluttered as well. I would like to organize all of our closets, especially the one with outdoor clothes, because if I take one thing out a few fall out with it.

  47. My closet is sometimes as bad as yours and sometimes extends to my entire bedroom! But the unfinished part of my BASEMENT is a serious war zone right now. Needs help bad!!! I have an old, vintage work bench down there that would be sooo fun to start using – if I could even get near it. I literally can’t. Help!

    P.S. *really, really nice* job on your closet! (Are you maintaining it too??)

  48. Yes, most of the closets are in need of help in our house. I need a mommy space in my house. We have a spot for it but have yet to transform it. I just want an area I can curl up with a book in or my laptop and write. A place with all my inspirational quotes etc. A place just for me….

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  49. Yes, our closet is awful! I keep hanging onto this hope that dh will start folding his clothing. He says he will do it when he has time, but it never seems to happen. So I just leave it in the closet until I finally lose it and take care of it myself.

    My bathroom totally needs a makeover. We need to re-tile and get a new shower door.

  50. Is my closet as bad as yours? Well, um, no. 😉

    I do need help in my office. My workspace is not too bad; rather, it’s storage for all my “personal stuff.” Think 1000s of old photographs, books, albums, wrapping paper, bows, keepsakes and more. I live in Austin = no basement for storage!

  51. Oh you are not alone, we have most of our clothes hung up but we got lots of boxes in there and piles of clothes, too. Our bedroom is in most need of organization cause of all the boxes of stuff we have all over.

  52. My closet is in pretty good shape, actually. The room that could use some help is my eldest daughter’s… she’s almost 12, and I don’t know if it’s her crazy schedule, or her age, or just her personality, but the floor is ALWAYS littered. Her room is basically the same size as mine, with the same closet, and she has a dresser and a desk w/hutch, so I don’t know what the deal is. We need help! 🙂

  53. My pantry needs a makeover for sure! I have little risers for my spices, but the spice collection (and the fancy salts and rubs my husband loves) have overwhelmed what was initially pretty organized. Would love that $100 to invest in some new magnetic spice tins!

  54. My closet is really in pretty good shape. My husband is a neat freak, so other than the occasional pair of homeless shoes, I can’t complain!

  55. 1. I don’t know if it’s as bad as yours but it’s pretty cramped and messy in there.

    2. Our bathroom need a make-over. It just looks terrible. The shower, the counter, everything!

  56. I follow Apartment Guide on Twitter as @calidreamin87.

    (PS-It’s posting my comments on EST. It’s only 9:11 Pacific)

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