Keep Your Hat On This Summer

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As I said in Go Everywhere with Sunblock I’m really careful in the sun, and have become quite emphatic that everyone protect their skin when it comes to being outdoors. Sunblock is just the beginning when it comes to sun coverage, you must remember to wear a hat too.

Hats are hard to get on board with and I understand that, but consider it as a fashion statement and let it reflect both your fashion point-of-view and your personality.

Do you like to add just a little leopard to your outfit? If you’re like me a little leopard goes a long way. That’s why the Leopard Fedora by More Than a Hat is a fantastic way to add my splash of leopard to an outfit. The rim of the hat is just enough to keep  your face protected.

Sometimes we all need a little Hollywood glam so imagine yourself with big sunglasses, wedges all under a Floppy Sun Hat from the Gap. With a great sundress you’ll be well protected from the sun, and the image of old Hollywood.

Bringing in this years great trend of colorblocking you can add fun with the Forever21 Colorbock Trim Floppy Hat. It is the perfect accessory for your day to the beach. A slick cover up and this beautiful hat can complete your beach attire, and protect yourself from the sun at the same time.



Add a little flair to your outfit this summer with the Black Chic Paper Straw Cowboy Hat. It is the perfect way to go out for the day with the kids to the park. Put on a floral skirt, t-shirt, flat sandals and this hat, and you are well on your way to a fun filled sun-protected day.

This summer throw a great hat in the car or your bag, and make sure to put it on in the sun. Not only will you be well protected, but you’ll also be super chic.

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