Best of Summer: Floppy Hats

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BEST of Summer HATS

Best Floppy Hats for Summer

You cannot survive Summer without a few stylish hats and floppy hats are one of the trendiest accessories for Summer. I am a big fan of fedora hats and Panama hats – I’ve got a nice collection of them going, but I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect floppy hat. Hats are perfect for busy moms on the go to look stylish without having to fuss about doing their hair. Hats also help get you out of that ponytail rut too. It doesn’t matter if your hair is a little dirty or a bit messy when you throw on a hat, it actually looks like you wanted those messy waves.

When buying a floppy hat to wear as a daily accessory make sure the brim is not too big and floppy, you still need to be able to drive and actually see what you are doing!  The larger brimmed floppy hats are for laying at the pool and blocking your face from the sun. In which case you may need two floppy hats for Summer!

Floppy Hats

1. Straw Outback Hat $39.95  / 2. MultiColor Floppy Hat $42 / 3.  Straw Floppy Hat $38           / 4. Braided Straw Sun Hat $34.95 / 5. Stoned Washed Fedora Hat $40

Micheal Stars Floppy Hats

I love both of these Micheal Stars floppy hats to add a little color to the mix. Micheal Stars Floppy Hat Tomato $42


Floppy Summer Hats
Blue Straw Floppy Hat $38  / . David & Young Floppy Hat $22

Seafolly Floppy Hats

ECHO Watercolor Floppy Hat $48 / Seafolly Floppy Hat Black $52



Do you have your floppy hat for Summer?

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