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Guest post by Jessica MeffordStyle-Meet-Life-SavvySassy2

Today I had a friend and her baby over for a play date. I love hosting playdates, but getting dressed in the morning before one can be a real challenge. I’m usually running around getting my son dressed and trying to make sure our place is (somewhat) picked up. When I don’t have a lot of time to get dressed (which is most of the time), I find it easiest to build my outfit around a comfortable and versatile staple that I know I will feel good wearing – like a favorite pair of jeans or top.

Chambray Shirt

My reliable go-to is a chambray button-down and that’s where I started today. From there, I choose one accessory or article of clothing that makes the outfit interesting and fun. I look to statement accessories, fun patterns, vibrant colors and unique layering garments to spice up my go-to staple.

Carmel Leather Jacket

Today I spiced up my staple button-down with fun patterned corduroy pants. It instantly elevated the overall look because of its warm colors and repeating print. Next, I wanted to make sure my outfit would be flexible. I spend most of the playdate chasing around my toddler inside and outside our loft, so I’m constantly taking off and putting on layers. As we played on our rooftop deck (which is like our backyard in the city – minus the yard), I wore this leather jacket that I recently discovered at Target. It is so much more fun to throw on a (reasonably priced!) caramel leather jacket than just throwing on a sweatshirt.


After putting on my button-down, pants and leather jacket, I was pretty much out of time. My son was ready for me to return my attention to him. Layering long silver and gold necklaces is another quick trick that I use to pull together a look in record speed. It requires no matching and no thinking. I just throw them on along with whatever pair of silver or gold posts that I can find at the time.

Stylish Outfit Building 101

To review, here’s my recipe for how to quickly assemble an outfit that is practical and beautiful even for a casual playdate. 1. Start with a comfortable and versatile staple. 2. Next, choose 1 thing to make the outfit more “interesting” using pattern, color, bold accessories or layering. 3. Then, pause and make sure the outfit is flexible and consider grabbing an extra layer. 4. Lastly, throw on a mix of silver and gold accessories.

Style-Meet-Life-BIO1Jessica Mefford’s “Style, Meet Life”  After becoming a mom, I learned that it is difficult to find the time to get myself dressed each day. I also learned that it is actually really important for my mental and emotional well-being to get dressed. I noticed that when I looked more put together, I felt more put together. And, when I felt more put together, I was better able to help those around me at home and at work because I felt more confident. After talking with other moms and realizing they related to my getting dressed dilemma, I knew I wanted to make it easier for women to merge their personal style with the demands and time constraints of everyday life. I wanted to find ways to reintroduce our style to our life. Style Meet Life, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.


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