CAbi Fall 2012 Collection and a Fashionable Opportunity!

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A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend another Scoop fashion show and shopping event from CAbi Clothing, this time I was on the scene to preview the 2012 Fall Collection.  I was thrilled to be one of the first to see this CAbi fashion show because it’s the collection that was showcased in the Style Suite I co-hosted with MomTrends last week in New York City!

Scoop happens twice a year and is a professional development event for the thousands of CAbi Consultants that sell CAbi clothing by creating the ultimate home shopping clothing experience!  They come from all over the country to be trained on the new styles, looks and trends.  This fashion show is spectacular, the CAbi girls are full of so much energy and well, it’s just fun!

The CAbi design took to the stage and talked about upcoming Fashion trends and how to really put together a look with bold accessories, a variety of jackets and of course my favorite, shoes!  This season be on the look out for pumps, embellished flats and boots, boots and more boots!

As I have mentioned before, CAbi Clothing is not just a fashion label but a Fashion career opportunity for women. There are over 3,200 CAbi consultants across the country that have made a career out of fashion.  During Scoop they also presented the rookie of the year award to the Consultant who had the highest sales in her first season!  We also talked to another consultant that put her son through law school with her earnings from selling CAbi.  Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Many families are looking for ways to earn extra income, and CAbi’s unique business model offers a great opportunity for women to run their own business, even with no prior experience in fashion or sales.  It’s a substantial opportunity that’s unique even amongst other direct sales companies because of the unparalleled earning opportunities, and top-notch professional support and training we provide. CAbi Girls are women just like you and me – smart, family and community- oriented, ‘mompreneurs’ who need a flexible, yet rewarding income opportunity.

So why do you sell CAbi?  
Here’s what some of the CAbi consultants had to say…

“When I first looked at CAbi, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to replace my six figure income, and I was happily surprised that I could, and it didn’t take me too long either.”  — Gwen

“I spent my twenties in suits in corporate america, I spent my thirties in sweats and nursing bras with my kids, and in my forties, I want to be fabulous!  CAbi is helping me do just that.”  — Jennifer

“CAbi was my ticket to independence and control over my own life”. –Gwen

“This is truly the most uplifting experience for business women. If you have ever thought about a career in fashion, look no more. CAbi is more than clothing–this is the total experience of being a small woman owned business with the incredible support of a huge infrastructure to make each individual a success. “–  Lauri

“I am truly grateful to my friends who brought me to my first CAbi show as a guest. I feel so lucky to have found this great Career Opportunity. It has turned out to be so much more fulfilling and rewarding than I ever imagined!” — Patty

So whether you are wanting to pursue your dreams of being a Mompreneur by learning more about the career opportunity with CAbi or just want to shop with your girlfriends and host a CAbi Show go check out the The CAbi Fall ’12 Collection right now!



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