Father’s Day Will Never Be The Same

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Father’s Day will never be the same.  You think that walking into Target and passing the Father’s Day cards would be no big deal, they’re just cards.  Stupid cards.  I try to ignore them and just push the burn away and just get to the toilet paper aisle, but even me, a strong and stubborn little girl let them get to me.  I couldn’t even go and try to pick one out for my husband.  Stupid cards.  Maybe this was my official welcome into the Dead Dads Club.

The other reason I was at Target was to look for a frame to finally put up a beautiful framed print that my best friend from college created for me. She gave it to me a year ago after my Dad’s death and I just haven’t been ready to hang it on the wall.  But with Father’s Day around the corner I thought this would be a great Father’s Day gift in honor of my Dad.  The hardest piece of art I’ll ever have to hang.

It reads: “An angel named Bill watches over us”

My college friend, Kari Kraemer is one of the funniest people on the planet (she even made my Dad LOL on a number of occasions) and she is an amazing photographer.  She lost her Mom a few years ago and she created a photographed piece of art to honor her mother and serve as a subtle yet gentle reminder of her.  I thought it was very cool.  Because when a parent dies, you really don’t want to stare at a large 11 x 14 picture of their face everyday, you just don’t.

Fast forward a few years and she has decided to sell them, calling them MemoReflections.  Little did we know that I would be one of her very first customers.  Kari created one of these as a gift for me and then I bought one for each of my brothers, so we could all hang them in our homes.

This is a clever and classy way of paying tribute to someone.  The words are layed out in such a way that makes others have to take notice and pause at the picture for a moment.  And in a strange way it’s nice when someone asks you what it says.  This will now be the permanent Father’s Day card that hangs on my wall.  Screw the paper cards, this is so much better!

If you have lost a parent or someone special I think these make the perfect gift for when you just really don’t know what else to say.

Thank you Kari and Happy Father’s Day Dad.
Love Andrea

Do me a favor and   Check out my BFF Kari at MemoReflections.com and give her a big LIKE on Facebook.

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