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I love it when new Celebrity Moms get asked “How do you like being a parent?”  (and their baby is only 3 months old)  Um, HELLO,  they have no idea what parenting is!  Ask them that when they have a 4 yr old and a 6 yr old fighing and throwing food across the dinner table!

I also love to hear them answer this one,  “How do you like being a Mom”  and they say “It’s wonderful, it’s just so amazing!”  Really?   I don’t think I would ever call motherhood AMAZING!!   I would call it,  hard, frustrating, fun, messy, crazy, wild, lonely, tiring, goofy,overwhelming, challenging, silly, sad, exciting, boring, inspiring, funny and exhausting!

Target is embracing the chaos of Parenthood!

Target is giving parenting a new face and it just might not be all that pretty!  I just recently read an article where Will Setliff the VP-marketing for Target says “Gone are the “idealistic” images featuring mom sweetly cuddling with baby, replaced with marketing that’s meant to illustrate the chaos, humor and absurdness that are hallmarks of parenting.”

Well, thank god, because my hair never looked  like it did in those mommy and me ads and my children never sat perfectly still in their stoller while l sipped a latte and tried to shop either.   Those ads sure did fool me, I assumed being a Mom was nothing but bliss and those clebrity moms sure can make it sound so glamourous!

Mr. Setliff also said the new marketing approach will be broader in its portrayal of parents.  Such as this new Target Ad below.

I met with Sarah Bakken a Target representative in Hollywood at the Big Baby Billboard sign to chat a bit about why Target wanted to ring in the New Year with babies and what to expect from Target in 2011.  Although she was not able to spill all of Target’s secrets, if I was a betting woman I would say that Target Baby will be using Social Media as a huge tool to engage with new parents and you may see some sort of  “Daily Deals” type of promotions that has everyone in a frenzy!  #justsayin

Watch the Big Baby Billboard in action!  Go to Facebook.com/targetbaby and share your baby news!


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  1. I just enjoyed reading your post. Well, despite I am man, I have to deal with my three little kids. Well we both do it, my wife and I. And some how I could not be more agree you. Parenting is a real mess. To be honest I take like 25% of the load while wife takes the rest 75%.

    Moreover, you really have a good point there. A real mom : baby relation is never shown as it really is on media, nor the celebrities would admit that most of the time is real mess.

    Despite all the chaos we love our babies.

  2. I LOVE it! Thank goodness for companies like Target who have decided to depict motherhood as it is. Reality isn’t butterflies and roses. And it is SO true you have the BEST conversations with complete strangers over the most ridiculous subject like nipples. Who would have EVER thought that was going to be how I was going to start a conversation with someone.

    Thank you for reminding us of the true depiction of motherhood.

  3. LOVE the new ads. It’s not like we don’t already know that motherhood is just plain ‘ol messy. Might as well tell it like it is.

  4. Yes. I enjoyed reading. Some celebs have big help though. Also travel so much with nannies so they aren’t as hands on as us. I am a SAHM to an almost 1yr old. (10days)!!!! and I am very busy. I would describe my day as Loving, holding, bending, exhausting, celebrating, cheerful, adventurous, fast and tiring time. ;))

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