Dealing with diaper rash for good

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After so many years buying diapers, it is hard to believe I now have two toilet-trained children! I thought the day would never come, and I would be buying diapers forever! Well, the time has finally come and, while I am thrilled to save money on diapers, I won’t be so quick to let go of my Triple Paste Medicated Ointment for Diaper Rash.

Diaper rash Triple Paste
Diaper rash anxiety

While so much of it seems like it was so long ago, the days of diaper rashes are ones that I still remember clearly. How could I not? Next to breastfeeding, which I was terrible at for a while, this was a huge source of anxiety and mom-guilt for me. The repetitive diaper rash that I saw when I opened my kids diapers broke my heart and made me feel like I was a failure as a mom.

Many people believe that children only get a diaper rash from staying in a wet diaper for too long. Yet no matter how frequently I changed their diapers, the diaper rash still appeared. While this is a cause of diaper rash, it’s not the only one. Addison has very sensitive skin from her chin right down to her to her toes, so it didn’t take much for her to get a diaper rash. When she started new foods, we would sometimes see sensitivity around her mouth and that almost always led to a diaper rash.

As a mom, the anxiety never stops. From difficulties breast feeding to acid reflux, there is enough for us to worry about! For most, diaper rash is inevitable, but knowing there is a good solution on the market makes it so much easier to breathe.

So Many Choices, So Little Time

As moms, we naturally go to our friends or other parents for advice first. We try products our friends used to see if they will work on our kids. But when Addi was young, I found that her skin was more sensitive then most. We would spend our days at the beach which only made her more susceptible to developing a diaper rash. Like most moms, I tried and threw out many products, starting with what my mom used on me! At first I believed I wasn’t using enough of the product or that I wasn’t using it often enough, and that’s why it wasn’t clearing up the rash. Every time I opened her diaper to find a rash, my heart would break a little. I knew she felt uncomfortable, and I didn’t feel I was doing my job to make her feel better.

A Product that Actually Works!

When I tried Triple Paste, I knew right away I could toss the clutter of other ointments I had been using and that I only needed Triple Paste. I began seeing an improvement after one diaper change which made me breathe out the hugest sigh of relief. Since then, I share my love for Triple Paste with anyone who asks (or doesn’t ask for that matter) and I’m not the only one! If you look at the reviews on Amazon and testimonials on their site, everyone expresses the same feelings. Triple Paste saves the day time and time again!

Triple Paste

Diaper Rash: Zero, Mom: Hero!!

What a relief it was to find a product that truly worked and made my sensitive-skinned child feel comfortable again! I would use it almost daily and made sure to cover every spot of redness as a preventative measure. While she is now toilet trained, she still wears a pull up throughout the night. Even at three and a half, I use Triple Paste on her before I tuck her in for the night to protect her cute little bum from any discomfort!

Try Triple Paste for Yourself! Share your success story with us!!

Triple Paste sponsored this post. All opinions are my own.

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