Seven Baby Shower Games From Etsy

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baby shower games
When planning a baby shower, it can be hard to find ways to make it yours, and truly unique. It seems as though every game and every theme has been done again and again. I’m sure we’ve all done the “avoiding the word ‘baby’ game,” cutting ribbon or yarn to determine how big in diameter you think the mom-to-be’s tummy is, and of course the “poopy” diaper game. All of these can be fun to do, but if you’re looking for something different to play, it can prove to be difficult.

I of course took to Etsy, and found a huge variety of fun and printable games for your guests to enjoy at your baby shower. They are gorgeously designed and perfect for a modern baby shower. There were SO many to choose from, as is the norm with Etsy, but I chose my favorite ones to share with you! Here’s a little baby shower  game inspiration if you’re struggling on what games to play that haven’t been played hundreds of times before.


Baby ABC’s – $9.00 – Prickly Press

This game can be done individually or in teams. Have guests choose a baby item for each letter of the alphabet. Some of them can be fairly tricky! Whoever fills in the most answers wins.


Pregnancy Matching Game – $8.00 – Paper Etiquette

Here’s a fun one — match the candy bar to the pregnancy/baby related words! Whoever completes them all correctly wins the game.


Let’s Play The Name Game – $5.99 – The Party Stork

This one will get your guests thinking! Guests will have to create as many words as possible out of mom & dad-to-be’s name. Whoever makes the most real words wins!


Baby Word Search – $5.00 – stockberry studio

Here’s a pretty version of a baby-related word search! I love the colors in this design, and you can never go wrong with word searches. Be the first to find all of the baby words to win!


Wishes For Baby – $8.00 – Pink Paisley Designs

This one isn’t exactly a game, but it’s still a lovely idea for a baby shower. Write down what you wish for baby and sign your name for a sweet keepsake for both mom and her little one.


Name That ‘Stache – $5.00 – Busy Chickadee

How funny and adorable is this baby shower game made for a baby boy’s shower? Mustaches seem to be all over the place lately (have you seem the collection of mustache merchandise on Etsy?), and I thought this was a really cute matching game for a boy baby shower. Match the correct name of the ‘stache to the picture and you win!


What’s The Story Game – $8.50 – my lil secrets

This game will get your guests thinking! With this game, baby shower goers have to create a story out of the words on the card (that you are able to customize to your liking). This game can be played as a team or individually. Whoever makes up the most hilarious story will win!

What are your favorite games to play at baby showers? 

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