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Hosting a Baby Shower

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baby shower
Hosting a Baby Shower

Baby showers are a great time to celebrate the mom-to-be and the beautiful life she is about to bring into this world. It is a time to show the new mama just how much she and this baby of hers are loved and to make her feel extra special, because growing a person is no joke, and she deserves to be showered with love! I myself was blessed with having two amazing baby showers thrown for me, thus I am somewhat of an expert on the matter, no?

baby shower decor

Baby Shower Decorations


Baby shower decorations should reflect mom’s style. My best friend threw one of my showers, and she knows me inside and out. She kept the decorations simple, modern, and elegant – exactly how I would have wanted them. It was so special because she kept me in mind the entire time she was planning the shower. The baby shower invitations can really set the tone and theme for the baby shower. Use the colors and style of the invitations to guide your baby shower decorations, favors, flowers, and even the sweet treats for the day.

If you’re the crafty type, try making some of the decorations yourself, like a tissue paper garland or a diaper cake. It really adds a personal touch to the party, and guests will be impressed with your DIY skills! If you’re not into making things, that’s okay, too. These days, you can buy pretty much anything your heart desires!

Baby Shower Clothespins

Baby Shower Games


We’ve all been there. Playing super awkward baby shower games that are the cheesiest you can imagine and hating every second. Skip the diaper smelling game and plan a few baby shower games that won’t make people cringe. Here are a few of my favorite baby shower games that I’ve played that are anything but cheesy.

1. Don’t say “baby.” Each person gets a clothespin at the beginning of the shower. Throughout the shower, the word “baby” is taboo and, if you catch someone saying it, you get their clothespin. By the end of the shower, whoever has collected the most clothespins wins.

2. Guess mom’s belly circumference. All you need for this is some ribbon or string (how cute is this?) and scissors. Pass it around and have each person cut off a piece that they think will fit perfectly around mom’s belly. The person closest to the actual circumference wins!

3. Guess the due date. This one is easy and so much fun. Simply have each guest write down their guesses for the baby’s due date! For extra fun, include the weight and length, too!

Check out some more baby shower games from Walmart.

Baby showers are so much fun and I loved both of mine. At a time when I was feeling all sorts of emotions (as is expected of a first-time, soon-to-be mama), it was a nice, joyous occasion that made me forget any worries and truly celebrate the little life I was about to bring into this world! If you’re planning a baby shower for someone you love, I hope this post helps you plan the perfect one.

If you’ve had a baby shower thrown for you, what was your favorite part? What’s your favorite baby shower game to play?



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