baby shower games

5 Baby shower games that won’t make you cringe

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Baby shower games

Baby shower games make some moms-to-be cringe, but playing games is a fun way to break up the gift-opening and get your guests involved. The key to fun baby shower games is to keep them simple and to avoid anything that might make the mom-to-be uncomfortable. Whether you’re throwing a baby shower for a friend (or you are the mom-to-be) consider one of the five simplest — for both the shower hostesses and the guests — baby shower games we know.

Get lucky with baby shower bingo

Baby gift bingo is truly the simplest game to play during a baby shower. Tuck bingo cards under plates or at the center of the table, and pass the word that guest should take a few minutes to fill the squares with common baby gifts. You can invent your own cards or print from the adorable downloads available, like the Blue Elephant with Umbrella and Hearts (Etsy, $5). As the mama-to-be opens gifts, guests check off their squares, calling Bingo when they have a full row. Shower hostesses can determine how many gifts to provide, but with a large amount of small gifts, the game can last throughout the gift opening.

baby shower games
Take your best guess

Decorate the cake table with the chic Annastyn Black and White Damask Baby Carriage, and let guests play a little game while they check out the cake (Etsy, $45). Fill the carriage with something and have guests write their guesses on small pieces of card stock. Hostesses can decide on fillers from fun — oversized diaper pins — to functional — baby socks or washcloths.

baby shower games
Let your guests get creative

Keep your shower guests busy with little containers of Party Bag Play-Doh (Amazon, $7 per 15). While they’re chatting over coffee and cake, they can craft “babies” out of Play-Doh. Let the mom-to-be or grandmas-to-be vote on their favorite Play-Doh baby, with a prize awarded. If you think your guests will enjoy the game, create winners in different categories, like “Cutest,” “Most Likely to Succeed” and “Most Original.”



baby shower games
Keep your clothespins

Hand each of your guest a clothespin when they walk into the shower, or have one at each place setting. Try the Enchanted Meadow Glitter Clothespins for a bit of sparkle (Etsy, $9 for 12). The rules of the clothespin game are simple. Any time a guest says “baby,” another guest may take her clothespin — or clothespins as the game progresses. The guest at the end of the shower with the most clothespins wins a prize and bragging rights. This game is perfect for coed showers, as the men can get competitive when their eyes begin to glaze over during the opening of wee onesies.

baby shower games

Make a (composite) baby

Find a baby photo of the mom and dad and blow up to 8 x 10 size, making multiple copies of each photo. (The game works best if the original photos are fairly close in head size.) Use a paper cutter to cut the photos into one inch horizontal strips. Guests should build a baby photo by combining strips from both parents’  photos. Let the parents-to-be vote on their favorite baby. The shower hostess can Mod Podge and frame the winner for the parents to compare to their baby when he or she is born.

Choosing a shower game

The most important part of choosing a shower game or set of shower games is to know the personalities of the mama-to-be and her guests. Some of the sillier games, like the Play-Doh babies or competitive clothespin stealing might not be embraced by a more traditional crowd of great-aunts or guests who are meeting each other for the first time. Making everyone comfortable is the best gift a shower hostess can give her guests!

What is your favorite baby shower game?

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