15 Cookie and Candy Bar Pie Recipes

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Pies. They seem like an easy thing to make. A lot of pies are no bake, which makes me think they are easy to make, but then again I have never made a pie, ever.  I admit to failing miserably in the baking department. My daughter and I just attempted to make snickerdoodle cookies that were a big fat failure. I am not sure I have what it takes, but I do love looking and salivating at baking websites and all the gorgeous baked goodies on Pinterest. There are so many talented bakers out there and I secretly wish I could create desserts as beautiful as some of these women.

My favorite candy bar is a Twix, so when I stumbled upon this Twix pie my jaw dropped in my lap and I wondered if they delivered?  Not only are there Twix pies, but there are Snickers, Milky Way, Almond Joy and Butterfinger.  Just about every candy bar can be created into a delicious pie.  Which is why I created this Candy Bar and Cookie Pie Collection over on Foodie. I think even I may be able to handle some of these no-bake cookie and candy bar pies!

Making a candy bar pie is a creative way to celebrate someone’s birthday.  Aren’t we all a little sick of cupcakes?  Creating a pie inspired by someone’s favorite candy bar is a great way to make them feel extra special on their Birthday. Cookie and candy bar pies are also a fun alternative for a kids Birthday party too. Just be careful to find out if their are any peanut allergies first, but you could make the Kit Kat, Twix, or MilkyWay pie if there are kids with peanut allergies.

I think I might attempt one of these no-bake pies just to see how easy they really are…

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Glam Media.  I share this with you as a fun idea and fresh alternative to birthday cake and cupcakes to celebrate a Birthday!  All my savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my very own.

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