Travel Style: What to pack the kids for Spring Break

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Are you escaping this year’s frozen tundra and heading somewhere warm for Spring Break?  Well if you are then you’ll need to pick up a few items of warm weather clothing for the kids that don’t include any fleece or fur. There may still be snow on the ground but the stores have started to break out the swimsuits and shorts. This is part of the fashion season is typically called “cruise”, because people that are fleeing the snow-banked filled cities for the beach, sun and sea.  So whether you are taking advantage of one of these all-inclusive resorts or setting sail on a Disney cruise we have you covered for what to pack for the kids.

Spring Break Boy Clothing

What to pack for the kids for Spring Break?

You do not need a lot. Trust me, they will be in swimsuits most of the time so there is no need to go overboard. However, you do want a pair of comfortable walking shoes if you’ll be doing some sightseeing and you will want perhaps a nice outfit or two if you are going out to dinner. But for the most part you can just keep it very casual with a few pairs of shorts, a few tank tops and of course flip flops. You also want to bring a light jacket or sweatshirt along because some places can get a little chilly at night or for those restaurants that have the air conditioning blowing full force. A lightweight sweatshirt or pullover is also great for if your child got a little too much sun.

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It’s nice to go on a little Spring Break shopping spree and pick up a few new things for your trip. I always think about pictures, as most moms take a ton. Putting your baby in her first bikini is going to be a memorable one, so picking out a cute swimsuit is essential in my book.

Spring Break Packing Checklist


Don’t stress: If you forget anything, I am sure you can find it where you are going!

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