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8 Spring break essentials from One Step Ahead {Giveaway}

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The spring break countdown is ON!

Who’s counting the days until spring break? We are! If you’re headed somewhere warm for spring break, or if you’re lucky enough to already live in paradise, these spring break essentials from One Step Ahead are must-haves when you’re making plans. Not only will they make your time in the sun much easier to manage with little ones, but these spring break essentials are all travel-friendly, making them easy to pack, to stash in your suitcase or to ship ahead of time to wherever you’re spring break bound.

8 Spring break essentials from One Step Ahead

8 Spring break essentials from One Step Ahead

1. Sand-Away Beach Sheet, $28
No more reminding the kids to keep their sandy feet off of the beach blanket! This innovative beach sheet allows the sand to sift right through, keeping your snacks and gear sand-free while you’re taking breaks from playing in the water.

2. Sand-Off! Sand Removal Mitt, $10
You’ve probably pinned a million different ways to remove the sand from your little ones, because the last thing you need in your car at the end of a long day at the beach is sand! Just slip on the mitt, wipe down your kiddos and you’re good to go.

3. Sun Care Travel Kit, $10
Grab one of these kits for every car, every beach bag and every purse you’re bringing on spring break this year. It will save your life when you’ve forgotten the sunscreen at the hotel… not that would ever happen, right?

4. Waterproof Case for iPhone, $20
You’ve protected your kids, but what about your devices? One Step Ahead has an entire line of waterproof cases to make sure your tech is safe at the beach or the pool and down to 33-feet undewater! Also available for smartphones and iPads.

5. Family Beach Bag, $25
Leave your beloved purse at home when you’re traveling to the beach and pool over spring break and trade it in for one of these beach bags. Not only does it have pockets for days, but it has mesh along the bottom and sides so that you can shake out the sand before you unpack. And, we can’t resist that monogram!

6. Sun Smarties Infant Cabana, $50
Having a baby at the beach can be tricky because as much as they look adorable in that cute little bathing suit you bought them, sun and babies just don’t mix. Keep her protected in the One Step Ahead Infant Cabana which offers UPF 50+, keeping 98 percent of harmful UV rays off of her precious skin.

7. Collapse a Pail Sand Bucket, $13
Okay, now let’s talk about how to have fun on spring break! Sure, you could just buy a cheapie sand bucket when you get to your destination, but we thing that this collapsible pail is a better option that will last much longer and build much bigger sand castles!

8. Kids Swim Goggles, $13
You’ve probably realized by now that just like bathing suits and flip-flops, goggles are a spring break essential that needs to be refreshed every season. These from One Step Ahead are famous for actually staying on and for being easy to adjust.

One Step Ahead giveaway

One winner will win a spring break essentials gift pack from One Step Ahead.
Includes: Sun Smarties Family Beach Cabana Tent, Sand-Away Beach Bag, Sand-Away Beach Sheet, Family Beach Bag. Total value of over $150.
U.S residents only. Must be 18 or older to enter and win.
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Giveaway ends 3/24/2015 at 11:59 p.m.

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  1. We are moving!! And then hitting up the beach in South Texas! Yay PCS….

  2. We’re doing beach trips and Disneyland. The benefits of living in southern California!

  3. We will likely spend a lot of time in the pool, at the lake & at the beach! πŸ™‚

  4. Going to the beach for a wedding! This would be great!!!

  5. unfortunately we are staying home! i’m 7 months pregnant so we have to save money πŸ™

  6. We don’t have any plans for Spring break. It would be nice to get a vacation but that’ll never happen.

  7. We are doing some day-cations!! Zoo, park, museum, ect.!

  8. my husband is a pastor, so spring break is at one of the worst possible times of his year! which means we’ll be staying home: hitting the sandbox at a local park, scootering around the neighborhood, visiting the zoo, and maybe hitting our local rec center for a swim or two.

  9. Not sure yet. Our weather here is cold for swimming yet. My husband is going to be working but over the weekend we usually like to take walks at the park.

  10. Celebrating my daughter’s 1st birthday! Yay!

  11. My parents are moving to Savannah, near the beach and we’d love to have all of these fabulous products when we visit. πŸ™‚

  12. We don’t have any special plans for Spring Break.

  13. Our kids don’t get a Spring break from school this year so we took a trip last month to Las Vegas. We had great weather and got to spend time with old friends.

  14. We will be doing some spring cleaning and spending time with the kids while awaiting our new addition coming beginning of May.

  15. Spring break was last week here and we just lazed around the house. It was great!

  16. Having a staycation with lots of fun activities!

  17. We are going to the beach, in Corolla, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. These items would be great to take on our trip!! Thank you for the giveaway!

  18. Working… I am working for spring break πŸ™ Hoping to maybe hit the zoo on the weekend though!

  19. We are hopefully going to visit family down south where it’s warmer

  20. Staying home…we live in vacationland (Florida).

  21. Wishing I was at the beach! I will be preparing our nursery and crafting for our baby shower!

  22. This is the first year during spring break that I haven’t been with my daughters either on a cruise or in Florida at the beach. My youngest was invited on a beach trip with a friend and my oldest had things to do and I stayed home.

  23. I’m mostly prepping my garden during spring and also go at the lake for picnics

  24. Las Vegas and Lake Las Vegas. It will be interesting with my toddler.

  25. For Spring Break we are having a staycation because in June we are going to Jamaica!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  26. For Spring Break, we found out where we will be living for the next three years while my husband is in residency. Now, I really need to win this to live at the beach!

  27. We will be awaiting the arrival of #2 this spring break, so sticking close to home, but looking forward to hitting the beaches of West Michigan this summer!

  28. I will be just sitting and enjoying being with my kids

  29. We will be going to the local pool, the library a lot and the beach.

  30. Spending A Weekend At A Cabin For A Mini Family Vacation.

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