The Joovy Room, a swanky playard for babies

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I don’t know about your experience, but when I got pregnant for the first time and walked into the baby store to register, I immediately felt the need to walk right back out. There are 20 different versions of the same thing. How do you choose? It was super overwhelming.  I think I speak for most parents in that for the first time around, it all turns into a sort of trial and error. You learn fairly quickly what items you use constantly (car seat) and need to be good quality and those that you never use (wipe warmer).

For us, one of the key items we used day in and day out was the playard. So when asked if I would review the Joovy Room on our new baby, I jumped at the opportunity. Jumped for Joovey, (teheheh I may have just found their next marketing slogan.)

When both my babies was first born, we set the playard up semi-permanent in the living room as a more convenient bassinet and changing table.  Once we finished changing 100 diapers a day, it eventually made its way out of the living room but was still used constantly for naps, play time and traveling.

The Joovy Room is a modern design, built of strong sustainable materials.  Its a great size for us.  Both spacious for the kiddos, but compact enough to not take up a ton of the room.  This is especially key if you are like our family and do a fair amount of traveling.  Its so important when  traveling for it to fit it in all different size spaces, and I’m sure this playard can do just that.  I like that its made of highly durable, stain resistant nylon.  I feel confident that its not going to stretch or tear after too much use.  The changing table is absolutely fabulous in my opinion.  The top is vinyl which is awesome for clean up.  The changing table itself is super sturdy.  We are able to not only use it for our newborn, but for our two year old as well!  Definitely not the case in other playards we have owned.

There are a few other features about the Joovy Room that you may not realize are great till you’ve owned another playard.  One is that all the pieces fit into the carrying bag.  Very nice to not have to carry multiple bags for the playard, the bassinet, and or the changing table.  Next is the organizer.  It has lots of different compartments and able to hold all kinds of things for the baby.  This is also so convenient when traveling.  Not having to worry about all the baby diapers and gear taking up tons of room.  Last, is the nightlight.  Very helpful in the middle of the night when you need to take a peek or change a diaper and do not want to wake up your sleepy head.


The one item I was slightly disappointed about it not having was built in vibration into the basinette.  It does however have an ipod hook up which is nice alternative, but in some cases, the vibration would help a little more with soothing.

All in all I would definitely recommend the Joovy Room to anyone in the market for a playard.  It has everything you would want in a playard and more.  Its so sturdy, modern and nice to look at, perfect for any Savvy Mom.  They are sold at most major baby stores as well as on their website.  I would definitely rate this as the cream of the crop for playards!

Available at Buy Buy Baby  and on the Joovy Website $269.99

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