Valentines Cards and Gift for Boys

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Boys don’t usually get really excited when it comes to Valentines Day, it’s all a little to pink and girlie.  Last week I found some Cool Valentine’s day clothing for boys, but most  boys could probably care less and would rather be playing outside, building with Lego’s or completing the next level in a video game. But as Moms we’re always looking for fun ways to show our love for our boys without making them feel silly or embarrassed.  Here are  some  boy Valentine’s cards, candy and gifts that might do the trick.

1. A Sippy Valentine by Paging Supermom 2. Love Ya Sock Monkey by Sock Monkey Company 3. I “Chewz” You by Craft-O-Maniac 4. Bubble Valentine by Armelle Blog 5. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse at Barnes & Noble 6. You Rock Valentine by Fiskars 7. Lego’s Valentine by Tiny Prints 8. Marshmallow Shooter at Think Geek 9. Two Heart Earphone Splitter at Amazon

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  1. Those sippy straws were too cute, I just had to share them! Thanks for the new link, what a great idea!

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