Spring Break Snacks for the Win!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoGo SqueeZ Canada. All opinions are 100% mine.

This year has been flying by. I can’t believe that March break is right around the corner, where does the time go? The winter months have us chilled to the bone and ready to head to the warmth. This March break we will be heading south of warm up in the sun and sand! While the kids are already ready to go, us parents need time to get organized! Once we pack the clothes and toys for our time away, we head to the grocery store to get snacks for the trip!

Travelling with Snacks

Every time I get on an airplane, people around me always comment on the amount of snacks I bring for my kids. A successful travel day means happy, full, and entertained kids! Before we head off on our adventures, we always take a trip to the grocery store to do our “vacation snack shop”. I have always found that my kids are just as happy with healthy snacks as they are with not-so-healthy snacks, so I always make sure that my snack bag includes healthy snacks that they will enjoy. It’s essential to pack snacks for the trip, because as we all know, once you get on the plane, the healthy choices are slim pickins! The kids always choose their favourites from the shelf first, GoGo squeeZ. With so many flavour options, they each choose what they like best making for 2 happy kids! The kids love the individual packaging, the easy to open lids and the yummy flavours. I love that they are made with 100% real fruit and have no added sugars…because that is the last things they need, especially when they are seated on an airplane or in the car for a long drive!

Seeing us through the trip

While I pack by snack bag for the plane first, I always buy extra snacks to throw in my suitcase to bring along for the rest of the trip. I always find that its easier knowing that I have what the kids like with me, instead of having to get to the grocery store when we arrive at our destination! I like to pick up a 12-pack of GoGo squeeZ so that I have extra to throw into the beach bag once we arrive at our destination. When the kids get out of the pool, are playing on the beach or while they are the park, they always come running for snacks that will cool them down and fill them up! Being prepared is one of the first secrets of parenting. I like to be prepared with my arsenal of GoGo squeeZ snacks!

Allergy Free

You never know who might meet on the beach! My kids love making new friends on the beach. There is something about building a sand castle that quickly brings kids together! Unlike the school classroom when kids are taught not to share food because of allergies, the beach is a free fraul! Everyone is eating and enjoying snacks and sharing with one another! As a parent, I love knowing that GoGo squeeZ is free of common allergens so when my kids want to offer to share with their new friends, they are safe to do so. GoGo squeeZ is Gluten Free and Nut Free. I also feel good about the fact that they are NON GMO and have no artificial flavours.

Moms love them too! (Literally)

While I love this snack for my kids, I also love them, quite literally! We are all guilty of eating our kids snacks every now and then…well at least I am! I feel like it’s the bane of my existence…all of their yummy snacks that I want to eat throughout the day! I have definitely been caught once or twice red handed with a GoGo squeeZ in my mouth! Whether I’m waiting for the kids at pick up or sneaking one out of the bag at the beach, I love them just as much as the kids! As long as I don’t take the last one, the kids are willing to share! You can find us on the beach this March break snacking and enjoying the sun on our Instagram Stories! You can find us on the beach this March break snacking and enjoying the sun on our Instagram Stories! You can get your hands on your favourite GoGo squeeZ flavours at Loblaws stores, Walmart, Sobeys, Metro, Super C., Maxi, and IGA. You can even get them shipped to your house or travel destination. Shop GoGo SqueeZ available on Amazon!

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