Amazing Iceland Four Day Trip

The Most Amazing Trip To Iceland With Teens

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For both of my daughters’ reading week, I decided to take my kids on a quick but incredible trip to Iceland for four days. Many people may know Iceland as being freezing cold, barren, with a minuscule population, and I am here to tell you that this is NOT the case. In the winter, Iceland is fairly mild with tons to do with your kids in Reykjavik  and elsewhere. We have some tips and suggestions to create The Most Amazing Iceland Trip with your Teens.

Amazing Iceland Four Day Trip

Plan excursions well in advance

Personally, I like receiving input from my kids before booking excursions when traveling. That being said, they sometimes wait to contribute until the day before or while we are already there. I don’t think they understand that tourist attractions take research and planning well before the trip.

Prior to booking the excursions, the flight and hotel seemed pretty reasonable. Please note: IT IS ONLY CHEAP UNTIL YOU GET THERE. While we were boarding our flight to Iceland, many other tourists mentioned that they were unable to get into one of our excursions because it was sold out. So my advice to you is to have a budget in mind, plan ahead and book early.

Blue Lagoon is a must-see

The Most Amazing Iceland Trip With Teens

Start your trip with a visit to the Blue Lagoon. After an overnight flight where no one actually sleeps because of the time difference, a trip to the hot springs is a real treat. The comfort package is all you really need. With this baseline price, you get a locker, towel, entrance to the spa, a free drink and facial mask. You have 4 hours of spa time while there. It is really casual once inside and I found it unnecessary to upgrade your package because the robe and slippers will be meshed with everyone else’s and you may end up with someone’s towel and slippers. No one really cares.

The Blue Lagoon itself is one of the natural wonders of the world. Stepping out into in the chilly air in our skivvies, my kids tip toed into the Blue Lagoon. Naturally, the thermal water sits at 38 degrees Celsius, so there is no need for a wetsuit. The steamy water, backgrounded by the gorgeous, snow tipped mountains in the distance looks like a landscape painting, and is the perfect opportunity for photo ops. I absolutely recommend buying a waterproof phone case at THE BLUE LAGOON. This will allow you to take pictures in the Blue Lagoon to your delight and at your convenience without letting your phone get wet.

How to fit in the Blue Lagoon into your schedule

After your time at Blue Lagoon you will feel like you are heavy and ready for a nap.  Some visitors actually booked this excursion straight from the airport because it is close to the airport and your hotel will probably not be ready by the time you arrive. Don’t fret. They have luggage storage at the Blue Lagoon. Just don’t forget to pack your flip flops and bathing suit in your carry-on.

The Most Amazing Iceland Trip With Teens Tours

The Most Amazing Iceland Trip With Teens

After the spa, I recommend resting as you will feel heavy and tired. However, try to get as much done as possible in your short time in Iceland.

Tip: I highly recommend booking a Northern Lights tour for the first night you are there. They cancel the tour often due to unforeseen weather and most companies allow for a rerun until the weather permits. You don’t want miss all of the opportunities you may have to reschedule. If it is cancelled you may want to venture out to the Perlan Planetarium.  If you go early enough you can see the ice caves, outdoor landscape of Reykjavik and the Northern Lights movie.

Golden Circle Tour is a full-day event

The Most Amazing Iceland Trip With Teens

The Most Amazing Iceland Trip With Teens

The Golden Circle tour was a real highlight for my family. Book with a reputable company that has experience in off-roading which will take you to the highlands, rough terrain and glacier area of Langjökull. This was a huge hit with my teens. You will see the Thingvellir National Park, the Geysir geothermal area in Haukadalur and the Gullfoss waterfall on this full day excursion.

Tip: It is wet and icy in the winter. You may even want to bring your snow grips for over your boots. This will save you from slipping on your walking tour.

Plan your time in Iceland Effeciently

Iceland With Teens

We didn’t have time for sightseeing along the black sand beach which we would have like to have done. If you schedule your time efficiently, I recommend renting a car or trying to book an excursion to see this area.

Take time to see the city sights in Reykjavik

Teen Trip To Iceland

City sights: when the time came to walk around the city, my children knew what they wanted to do!  They visited the Phallological Museum, Punk Museum and vintage shopped. I myself went to a couple funky boutiques on Laugavegur St., known as being the coolest street in Reykjavik.

Are you considering an adventure in the cold on your next vacation?

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