Alice in Wonderland blocks

Create an Alice in Wonderland nursery

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Design a storybook nursery

Storybook themes are perfect for a nursery, where you want your little one to grow to learn books and reading. From the time you start singing them to sleep in a cozy rocker, your little one is learning to love the stories your voice will share. Alice in Wonderland is the perfect fit for nursery décor with whimsical characters and illustrations filling the pages of Lewis Carroll’s classic story. We’ve found the perfect accessories for your Alice in Wonderland nursery, whether your style leans towards the classic or modern interpretation of the story.

Alice in Wonderland nursery

A classic interpretation of Alice in Wonderland

If you want an Alice in Wonderland nursery with a classic twist, let the John Tenniel illustrations inspire your design decisions. Muted colors — like Waterscape, Irresistable, and Lucent Yellow from Sherwin-Williams — are the perfect backdrop for Tenniel’s illustrations. Though the original illustrations were black and white, the color versions are generally done in watercolor tones, like Alice Tries the Golden Key (, $22).

Alice in Wonderland nursery

Design elements for a classic Alice in Wonderland nursery

Lewis Carroll’s over-the-top fairy tale deserves an ornate nursery centerpiece, and the Casablanca Crib in Distressed White is a nostalgic piece with beautiful details (Bratt Decor, $699). The Mad Hatter Chandelier is a unique lighting option that will enthrall your little one with colors and designs (Etsy, $425). Tuck the Land of Stories Pillow under your elbow as you rock your baby to sleep and think of all the books you’ll read together in the future (Etsy, $30). Vintage Alice in Wonderland wooden blocks begin as a lovely dresser decoration but will eventually be a toy for little hands to practice building (Etsy, $55).

Let whimsical pieces fill a modern Alice in Wonderland nursery

Tenniel’s watercolor shades aren’t the only option for Alice in Wonderland nursery decor. The Little Golden Book Alice in Wonderland illustrations are used for the Children’s Book Blocks (Etsy, $26). Similar colors and cartoon shapes remind little ones to let their imaginations run wild in this instant download Subway Art print (Etsy, $3). Five of Carroll’s iconic characters are recreated in felt for this hand-crafted Tea Party Mobile (Etsy, $95). Choose bolder paint colors — like Rivulet, Ice Plant, and Daffodil  — from Sherwin-Williams to complete the look.

Alice in Wonderland nursery

Alice in Wonderland will grow with your child

Alice in Wonderland artwork and room accessories can grow with your child as she moves from a nursery into a childhood bedroom. Reading different versions of Carroll’s story will keep wall prints relevant and interesting to a child who has outgrown an Alice in Wonderland nursery. When you’re ready to transition from a crib, tuck the Storybook Pillow into a toddler bed and remember all the nights you sang your baby to sleep in her fairytale nursery.

Do you prefer the modern or classically illustrated version of Alice in Wonderland?

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