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Over the past few weeks a few new products have caught my eye – will they make our lives easier and more streamlined? Let me know what you think!

Family Organization:

With visions of up to date lists and neatly pinned up bills and notes to be signed for school, last year I hung all these cork boards and dry erase calendars to try and form my family’s “central hub.” A year later we are still on December’s calendar and my 5 year old has taken to writing her name all over everything. Let’s also note that a written family calendar does NO good when you are trying to schedule a Doctor’s appt from the school pick-up lane and can’t remember who has what sport at what time that week.

Kona is a new, free “social collaboration and productivity platform” to help parents and groups to privately connect, organize, discuss and get things done together – at home or at work. Kona is the only social platform that can bring all the components of people’s busy lives together into one manageable space, suitable for use in the living room, classroom and community hall.  Whether or not a parent is “tech savvy,” Kona’s easy-to-use interface allows individuals to quickly understand the platform and begin using its many tools and resources.


Parents can utilize the Kona platform to:

  • Organize carpools, play-dates and sports team activities through the interactive calendar, so that everyone participating knows what day they are driving, whose house the children will be at on a particular day and time, and when and where practice and games will take place
  • Plan parties and organize multi-family vacations through the ‘conversation’, ‘task’ and file sharing features
  • Coordinate, organize and execute professional, personal and volunteer events (PTA fundraisers at school, book clubs, Girl Scout activities and more)
  • Create virtual to-do lists with the ‘task’ feature for hosting a dinner party with friends and managing household projects (like painting the nursery or building a new deck)
  • Stay synched on decisions and progress with a spouse, realtor, builder, banker or whomever you are working with on a project.

Kona is available for free online at, in the App Store and for Android devices on Google Play.

Coming Soon: Cool New Business Cards from


Being the design/paper-whore I am, I’ve always loved business cards from They always look good and are printed on a good quality card stock. In this age of everything getting more and more digital, I still find an actual business card to play a specific role in networking. Coming soon, Moo will bring the digital and printed together with their NFC cards –  a “smart” card. Embedded in the card is a tiny microchip, When it’s touched to a smartphone, the chip asks the phone to do something. Something you’ve told it to. Perhaps download your portfolio, play music or video, load web pages, maps or apps, save your contact details – the possibilities are endless.

While doesn’t have any additional information available at this time, I’m excited to play with these cards when they are available!

Potty Training and the iPad – Together {at last?} in the iPotty


Oh our little digital natives! We can’t even apparently teach them to use the toilet without the help of our iDevice. But believe me, after potty training my two kids, I DO NOT JUDGE anyone on their tactics. Although the “iPotty” is a little funny…

It’s training potty with a holder and plastic cover for your iPad. Encouraging kids to want to use the potty, I guess it is the safe way to encourage little Jack or Isabelle to use the potty while not peeing all over your iPad.

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