The Beats By Dre Pill – A Stylish Wireless Speaker You Can Take Anywhere!

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 Beats by Dre Pill Wireless Speaker

(That’s the Pill sitting on an iPad mini for the size reference)

Lets all admit something today OK? Lets admit that we are all literally attached to our mobile devices 24/7. I mean, let’s face it, we’d probably rather cut off an arm than give up our smartphones, iPads, notebooks and laptops.  They have become our lifeline to friends 3,000 miles away, they are what keeps businesses moving forward and how we receive most of our music and entertainment.  And all of this connective communication is literally carried around in a handbag. Amazing.  So, it’s no wonder that we might need a speaker that has the ability to amplify the sound of our music and movies from these small devices or the voices of loved ones that live far away.

We certainly don’t want a gigantic speaker that wouldn’t fit in that handbag or an ugly cord {gasp}, because a cord means you need to plug it in, which means then you are stuck by a wall.

So say hello to the “Pill” by Beats by Dre.  Yes, a pill, like the one you swallow.

The Beats by Dre Pill is a wireless bluetooth speaker that you can take along with you anywhere. I have witnessed this little Pill first hand while traveling this summer.  We knew we would not have television or internet for a week or so and so we downloaded a bunch of old school movies for our kids to watch from our laptops.  You know the classic’s, like E.T, Goonies and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  While watching movies from your laptop solo is great with a headset, it’s not ideal for the entire family, we could barely hear the sound especially when people were chomping on popcorn and chips, so we turned on the Beats by Dre pill and it instantly pumped up the volume!  We have even used it on the beach and at the pool, it can get so loud, I was kind of amazed.

Features of the Beats by Dre Pill wireless speaker

1.  The Pill can work wirelessly with just about any device and you can change tracks from your laptop, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device from up to 30 feet away.

2.  Highlights of the wireless speaker include “tap-to-pair with NFC technology” for easy and instant Bluetooth audio for high quality streaming.  Provides clear, full-range sound delivered in a portable, lightweight package.

3.  Internal microphone for Bluetooth call functional­ity. Take calls without touching your phone.

4.  Baby Proof Design: The Pill is completely portable with no cords or wires for baby to tangle, chew on or lose in transit. It’s compact size is slightly larger than a baby bottle so it fits nicely in a diaper bag and its round design makes it safe and durable for kids of all ages with no sharp edges to worry about.

5.  Parental Control: The Pill’s Bluetooth functionality puts mom and dad in complete control. Parents can change the song, turn down the volume or answer a call using any paired phone, laptop, or Blue­tooth-enabled device from up to 30 feet away . No more sneaking into the baby’s room to turn of those lullabies.
Beats Pills

The Beats by Dre Pills

The Pills” is an animated series starring our popular portable wireless Pill speakers come to life! The Pills campaign features the hilarious talents of world famous comedian Chris Rock, platinum rapper Eminem, and Chappelle Show co-writer Neil Brennan as well as other surprise guests.  During the shocking and jaw dropping VMA’s the Pill characters made their television debut as commentators on several of the most exciting moments. The Pills will be unleashed on the world through a comprehensive 360 global campaign that includes Television, Print, Digital and Social Media.

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