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When traveling with my kids, the first thing I worry about is how to bring the everyday essentials with me… diapers, wipes, water and snacks for the plane, not to mention how to clean food items in a hotel room! For my upcoming tot-friendly vacation, I am trying out the OXO Tot collection to make travel with kids just a little bit easier.

The Most Convenient Wipes Container EVER

Must haves for travel with toddlers

The On-the-Go Wipes Dispenser w/ Diaper Pouch has been a lifesaver for both travel and home. In my diaper bag, diapers have a way of getting folded in half, filled with snacks or left behind! The On the Go Wipes Dispenser with Diaper Pouch helps my mommy brain from leaving one of the two behind — all moms know how hard it is to change a diaper without any wipes and having wipes without a clean diaper handy is pointless! The large button makes it easy to pop open with one hand while I keep the other hand on my very squirmy toddler. This trip, the One the Go Wipes Dispenser with Diaper Pouch has been permanently attached to my stroller with the convenient silicone tether!

Must-Haves for Travel with Tots

Snack time always has me concerned on beach vacations. With my kids, it feels like snack time is all the time so I need to be prepared! The Flippy Snack Cup with Travel Cover checks all the boxes when we’re traveling. For the airport and stroller time, the opening at the bottom of the handle conveniently hooks onto the stroller straps. When not in use (in my case, when it’s empty!) I can hook in onto the Mommy Hook on my stroller handle bar, or I snap on the travel cover and throw it into my bag. The travel cover is a dream for when we are at the beach and keeps the sand from making our snacks extra grainy!

OXO Tot Collection for Travel

The Straw Cup (7 oz.) is just as clever with a twisting lid that covers the straw when not in use to keep in clean. In the scorching heat, the clearly marked measurements on the side put my mind at ease knowing how much water the kids are drinking.

At the end of the day, pulling out the Cleaning Set for Straw & Sippy Cups makes me feel at peace knowing that they are getting a good cleaning when I don’t have access to a big kitchen sink or dishwasher. Every mom has tried — and probably  failed — to wash toddler cups and containers  in a hotel and the Cleaning Set is the perfect solution.

OXO Tot Travel Line

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