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Decorating the nursery is probably one of the most exciting parts about being pregnant.  Creating the space where you’ll be feeding, rocking, changing, reading, singing, sleeping ,and cooing is very important.  It’s soon to be the most visited room in the house so you better make sure it’s a room you and hubby both want to be in.

Painting the room bright pink with purple polk-a-dots and swirls may seem like a good idea at the time, but it could cause some nausea after rocking the baby back and forth for 2 hours.

Kids Decor Inc. is an online boutique with Bedding, Furniture, Lighting, Wall Art, Changing Tables, Bassinets, Rugs, Storage Baskets and lots of fun accessories for the new room.  I have made a list of Nursery Essentials and wanted to show you some of my favorite things over at Kid Decor Inc.

1.  Crib
2.  Crib Mattress
3.  Crib Bedding  (bumper, crib sheets, crib skirt, crib blanket)
4.  Dresser/Changing Table
5.  Changing Pad & Changing Pad Cover
6.  Lined Storage Baskets
7.  Hamper
8.  Toy Chest
9.   BookShelf
10. Rocker Chair and Ottoman
11.  Lighting
12.  Shelves
13.  Rug
14.  Decorative Accessories

Name Art for a nursery adds that final personalized touch and is a priceless piece that can never go out of style.  I am loving these Round Boutique Letters, you can order just about any color combination and they can really set the color pallette for the room.  The Crib Bedding set is by Maddie Boo, the urban blue chicks and the chocolate brown makes a great modern combination.

Just because you’re having a girl doesn’t mean you are required by law to have a pink nursery with ribbon, bows and tulle covering the walls.   Green is always a nice soft color and if your baby is a suprise then it makes a nice gender neutral color.  Green matches well with most other colors so you can add to the design after the baby is born.  Polk-a-dots are another great way to brighten up the room and keep it looking hip and modern. This Multi-Dot bedding set is also by Maddie Boo.

There are a  lot of baby necessities and keeping things organized is easy with this Sleigh Changiing Table.  Baby wipes, diapers, lotion, and diaper rash creams can all be tucked away in the top drawer.  While the two shelves can hold colorful lined baskets for extra clothing, socks, toys, sheets, blankets, and even more diapers and wipes.   This changing table is also available in honey, cherry and black finish.

There is a lot to do, but you’ve got 9 months to do it!

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  2. I love the Maddie Boo crib sets you have chosen. You are right – just because you are having a girl doesn’t mean you have to have everything in pink or have something popular like a ladybug crib set. But you do need to be careful of the bumpers. Most manufacturers include a bumper in their crib bedding sets (including the Maddie Boo sets you have chosen), but many child care organizations like The American Academy of Pediatrics, SIDS First Candle Alliance and Health Canada warn against using these traditional style bumpers because of the risks of strangulation and/or smothering.

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