Favorite journals for moms

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As moms, we wear a lot of hats and one of those tends to be historian for the family. We’d like to think we will remember how we felt during pregnancy, when our babies hit certain milestones, and what their first words were. But, the truth is that as time passes and we move into new stages with our kids, we unintentionally forget those small little details that were such important events at the time. That is why we quickly learned the importance of writing things down!

The Best Journals for Moms

It is so worth taking the extra time to journal your journey as a mother, which will become something you and your kids will treasure years from now. Whether you are a soon-to-be mom, new mom, or experienced mom, chronicling the journey of each phase of motherhood is a must. This Mother’s Day, give the gift of memory to your favorite moms with these fun journals.

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Pregnancy journals for the mom-to-be

Those first nine months of waiting for your baby can be some of the most memorable and special times. These journals offer places to add photos so you can document your growing belly or ultrasound images, plus writing prompts to share all about morning sickness, food cravings, and feeling those first magical movements of your baby.

The Belly Book, $12
Expecting You: Keepsake Pregnancy Journal, $13

Recording Baby’s first year for new moms

There are so many firsts during a baby’s first year and you won’t want to forget a single one of them.  These first year journals are the perfect way to record and remember all of those special milestones. They will be so much fun for you to look back at with your kids and they will probably get a kick out of learning about themselves as a baby.

Baby’s First Year: A Simple Book of Firsts, $35
C.R. Gibson Memory Book, $23

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Quick and easy journaling for busy and experienced moms

As kids get older, they become much busier and that means moms have less and less time for extra things like scrapbooks and detailed journaling. These journals are a simple way to record the funny things kids say and jot down the accomplishments they reach at each growing stage.

My Quotable Kid, $15
Mom’s One Line a Day Journal, $11


What are your favorite journals for moms?

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