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Not long after my husband and I had Tatum, I started looking into toys that were made from natural and toxin-free materials. Being a more organic, chemical-free family, we wanted to make the switch from primarily plastic toys to toys made of natural materials, but the cost was so high. I eventually took to Etsy, as I do, and found an amazing selection of eco-friendly and organic toys for kids that did not cost us ridiculous amounts of money. Not only that, but you are getting truly unique, handmade toys that you won’t be able to find at any toy stores.

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I was able to slowly switch Tatum’s toys over to primarily wooden and natural materials by shopping mainly on Etsy, and she now has a great collection of toys that we can be sure are safe for her (and her future sibling!) to play with and that will last for a long time to come.

You’ll be amazed at how budget-friendly these beautiful handmade toys are, and how much your kids will love playing with them! Take a look below at my favourite natural and organic toys from Etsy.



30-Piece Organic Wooden Block Set – $54.00

Here’s a gorgeous set of blocks made from all-natural, sustainably sourced hardwood for your kids to enjoy. My daughter spends hours building things with her blocks, and I can’t think of a more perfect item for this list of natural and organic toys. These blocks will last for many years to come, and your kids will get a ton of use out of them.


Amigurumi Organic Cotton Owl – $45.00

 Handmade stuffed animals are a weakness of mine, especially this sweet owl. You won’t have to worry about your little one snuggling up to this 100% organic cotton cutie. Super-soft and perfect for babies and bigger kids!


Hand-painted Wooden Peg Doll – $29.00

These wooden peg dolls are so adorable and would make a perfect addition to any child’s dollhouse. I love how detailed the vintage-inspired dolls are. This is another toy that will get a lot of use for many years.


Wooden Stroller – $62.00

I cannot get enough of this wooden stroller! This birch wood stroller is incredibly sturdy and will last much longer than the plastic toy strollers you’ll find at the store. It’s painted with non-toxic paint, and it is extremely adorable! I can imagine how delighted any little girl would be to have this stroller as a part of their toy collection.


Wooden Rainbow Stacker – $30.00

Tatum has the pastel version of this wooden rainbow stacker, and it gets used every day. It can be played with during imaginary play or simply as a stacker toy. Either way, I love how bright this toy is and that it can be used in so many ways to get kids’ imaginations going. This is what is so great about simple toys — they can be used in whichever way your little one decides to use them.


Organic Turtle Pull Toy – $42.00

This environmentally safe pull-toy is great for little ones who are just beginning to really play with toys. A great feature is that the turtles can be taken off of the string to be played with separately. All of the materials used for this toy are completely natural: the paints and varnishes are water-based and have non-toxic ingredients, so if you have a child who is still putting things in their mouth, you won’t have to be concerned about them ingesting unwanted chemicals.


Natural Wooden Whale Puzzle – $14.95

I love this puzzle for kids who are just starting out with puzzles. The puzzle is made from a combination of hardwoods: walnut, cherry and maple. The different woods make for a very visually pleasing toy, and I would definitely leave it out for a decoration when not in use!


Wooden Push Toy – $29.00

My husband adamantly refused my attempts to buy the plastic counterpart of this toy (you know, the vacuum that pops the little plastic balls, and makes a horribly annoying noise?), and I wish I had known that this existed back when Tatum was young enough to enjoy this push toy! With this version, you are avoiding buying a big, bulky plastic toy, and I can bet that this one sounds MUCH better than the original! I’ll have to make sure that this is a purchase for when baby #2 is old enough to play with it 😉

Do your children play with primarily wooden toys at home? What are your favourites?


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