Playing House With Ergobaby Doll Carrier

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When you want your daughter/son to feel just like her/his mommy when taking care of her/his doll then simply get her/him a doll carrier just like the one you used to carry her/him in. As we all know for our kids playing house is all about doing things the way you do them. Ergobaby makes a great doll carrier for just that purpose.

ErgoBaby Doll Carrier

For me the epiphany that my 4 year old daughter needed her own baby carrier happened when she took her doll with us on a trip out shopping. I warned her that if she brought it I wouldn’t carry it for her. She said OK. We were away from the car for 15 mins when she asked me to hold her baby. I unzipped her hoodie put her baby in and then zipped it back up. She turned around to my husband and said “daddy look at me, I carry my baby.” The light bulb in my head went off.


I asked my daughter if she wanted a baby carrier and her eyes lit up. Soon after I met one of the fantastic ladies of Ergobaby carriers in the Style Suite at the PAM event. I asked her if Ergobaby made doll carriers and she was kind enough to send my 4 year old a carrier.

opening doll carrier Collage

I happened to be home when the carrier arrived, so I let my daughter open it herself. She didn’t even leave the doorstep when she ripped into the package. She was so excited she ran and got her baby to put on her front and spent the rest of the day carrier her baby everywhere around the house. Her happiness was so evident I immediately sent Andrea a text with a picture of her wearing the carrier.

ErgoBaby doll carrier Collage

My sister-in-law is pregnant and of course the Ergobaby carrier is on her registry. My daughter is so excited to have a carrier just like her auntie will. For now though we can take baby [doll] wherever we go because I won’t have to hold her.

Disclaimer: The doll carrier was sent for me to review, however, the savvy sassy opinion is my own (and my daughter’s).

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