MEGA, Montreal and ME!

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What does MEGA, Montreal and ME have in common?
The Mega Bloks Rocks!  Mommy Blogger Event!

Its Raining In Los Angeles and Snowing in Montreal!

I have been to Vancouver and Snowboarding in Whistler, and in fact my husband and I brought home a little souvenier from Whistler – his name is Hudson and he’s now 3 years old!

But I have never been to Montreal.  I am excited to see the city and very happy to be apart of the Mommy Blogger Event.  We will get a private guided tour of the Mega Brands Toy Factory and Showroom and be apart of 3 Round Table discussions about the MEGA Brand and learn about the new toys for 2010.

Having been invited is a BIG compliment.  Everyone has their opinions about companies hosting Mommy Bloggers and quite frankly I don’t see what the big deal is.  If I am available and it is a company or brand that I would like to learn more about then it is a Win Win. They didn’t ask for my first born and  it’s not as if I am going to change the name of my Blog to  (well, if they paid me enough maybe)  (kidding)

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  2. We love MEGA Bloks! Rachel is my engineer/architect in the making. Have a wonderful , informative experience!

  3. I think its fantastic you are asked to these events!! You are a great blogger. Keep up the good work

  4. You KNOW what the ‘big’ (or mega as it were) deal w/the mom blogger meets company events is right… it’s all us cranky pants who get BENT that WE didn’t get invited! It’s like junior prom all over again!! Oh okay so I went to all the proms (and ROCKED the blue eye shadow & bubble skirt too!) but it’s THAT petty with some people. I say GO, have a BLAST… bring us back some swag if you can.. and IGNORE the haters.. well not ME.. but the rest of them!

  5. Be sure to get some St. Viateur bagels. They are the best in the world! Sorry New York 😉

    Enjoy Montreal and if you get a chance, try to head up to Quebec City for a day or so. It’s like Europe.

  6. Andrea,
    I grew up in Vancouver and lived in Whistler for a few years! Didn’t know you had such a great reminder!
    Similarly… Lil’ Diva is evidence that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas!

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