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As a young girl I was obsessed with all things Barbie and as a mother I’m even more passionate about exposing my daughter to all things travel – so I’m pretty stoked about Mattel’s release of their new Dolls of the World Barbie collection.  We have seen all kinds of Barbie’s from Tattoo Barbie to even talks of a Bald Barbie to support children with Cancer.

The Dolls of the World collection is the largest and longest-running series in the history of the Barbie brand and it was recently re-launched in 2012 with 8 new dolls, including Argentina Barbie, Australia Barbie, China Barbie and Ireland Barbie.  Each doll wears an ensemble inspired by the native fashion of each country and every doll pack contains a ‘passport’ and special pet. The package also doubles as a carrying case for the doll or a place to store personal travel souvenirs. The Dolls of the World website also offers a great way for young girls to explore these cultures and learn more about each country.  They can earn virtual passport stamps along the way and play game on the interactive website!


  • Find Argentina on the map and then share with your daughter how this particular dress is one that is made for the Tango, a cultural dance. This doll comes with a baby cougar.
  • After locating China on the map, talk about the customs and traditions of the chinese culture. This doll comes with a panda.
  • Explore Australia and the outback with Australian barbie and her Koala Bear friend.
  • Bring the luck of the Irish into your home with Barbie from Ireland in her traditional Irish dress. She comes with an Irish Setter puppy.


I love the idea of opening the door for conversation on travel to foreign countries and the varying cultures and customs within those countries.  I think it’s important to expose my daughter to other cultures outside of the United States and being that she is just about to turn seven – the new Dolls of the World collection is a perfect way to foster that discussion of travel and varying cultures.

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Are you excited about the Dolls of the World collection?  Which doll would you purchase for your child? 


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