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MEGAandxmastree 145Over the fields and threw the Snow to MEGA Brands we go…Last week when I visited the MEGA headquarters it felt like I was literally at the North Pole!  Montreal got over  a foot of snow while I was inside getting a sneak peek at the toys coming out for 2010!

We started the morning in the MEGA showroom and WOW did it Sparkle!  The toys were all placed perfectly on their shelves and each section looked more exciting thMEGAandxmastree 151an the next!  Then I suddenly noticed  my Name in BLOKS!  It was official I was a very important MEGA Mom!

Next was a guided tour of the toy factory – I felt like I was in the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!” minus all the chocolate of course.    The conveyor belts were lined with bags of BLOKS and their famous 3-n-1 Ride On Dump Trucks.  One machine was filling parts for a toy, quantities of each part would drop into the bag and then at the eMEGAandxmastree 206nd it was weighed for accuracy.  If it did not weigh the proper amount  then it was dumped into a “Reject Box”.  If it was off in weight, then too many pieces got in, or something was missing.  I guess it’s off to Misfit Island!

RoseArt is another line of products under the MEGA brand and products that I am very familiar with. My daughter loves arts and crafts!  The markers come flying out of that machine pretty darn quick 3,600 markers are produced each hour, that’s 100,000 markers per 7 hours and that equals 1,200 packs of (11) markers a day! MEGAandxmastree 226

Back in the Board Room:  The new pre-school toys for 2010 came out and we had a Round table discussion about packaging, presentation, design, price point, and value.   We were also shown some demonstrations on the Boys lines Battle Strikers, Halo, and Streetz.   We gave them our honest feed back, likes/dislikes and some suggestions.  Everyone was excited about our ideas and respected our comments.  I felt like they sat with open minds, really listened and appreciated our point of view.

The day was a HUGE success!  I respect Mega Brands for reaching out to us and taking the time to listen to MOM’s!  Imagine that –  a company that goes right to the source!   Mega is definitely heading in the right direction, if they want brand loyalty and customer engagement.  There is something to be said for a company that sees the value in listening and learning from the people that use their products every single day!

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