The Elf on the Shelf!

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ElfOnTheShelfThis was the first year I have ever heard about The Elf on the Shelf!  I couldn’t believe that something this adorable had somehow passed me by!

If you have children or know someone with children you must get The Elf  On the Shelf!   This little Elf will insure that your children are on their BEST BEHAVIOR!  Sure its a little manipulating but, you gotta do what ya gotta do.

As soon as he arrived we opened him up and read the book that describes in detail what to do with him.  The first thing you must do is name the little guy.  We named our Elf  “Dave” yes Dave, a little strange,  but both kids agreed so we went with it!

Every night he flys to the North Pole, reporting back to Santa if your kids have been Naughty or Nice!  Each morning we find him in a new place  (parents you must remember to move him).  The kids barely have one eye open and they are asking “Where’s Dave?”  To see the kids expressions each time they spot Dave in the morning is truly priceless, they really believe in his magic!  I can’t help but wonder what would get me out of the bed in the morning with such excitment….  Has anyone created a Stash the Cash Elf?

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  3. Of course, the down side to the Elf is that you can’t take your kids into Borders or Barnes and Noble during the holiday season, lest they see that the Elf is sold there. 😉

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