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BabyStarTote3When I am heading out the door with my kids I always seem to have the same daily conversation with myself!

What do I need for the day? Do I need a book, a magazine to read, water bottle, wipes and a snack just in case we’re gone too long? Should I bring my ipod and an extra shirt so we can just go straight to the gym after he grocery store? Should I bring my cute purse and a bag? or just leave with a wallet? Maybe I should bring my laptop, just in case!

Then the voices start to tell me “What I Need!”BbayStarTote4

You need a multi purpase bag, one that fits everything, but isn’t too bulky. Something that doesn’t look like a diaper bag but still modern and cool. One that is very easy to get into and has compartments big enough to fit all that mom stuff. A bag that may even have room for a laptop! A bag that is cute and slender enough to squeeze into those narrow lockers at the gym.

Then a very rude voice says “Sorry, doesn’t exsist!”

BabyStarToteBut wait! One does Exsist! It is the new
“Rock the Tote” from Baby Star!

They sent me one to see if it would pass the Savvy Sassy Mom test! They should have been a little nervous because I am a bit hard to please in the bag department.

I have been using it for about 2 weeks and I LOVE IT! It is exactly what I needed for my dazed and confused days with the kiddos. It has big pockets on the inside, one is so big it fits another smaller makeup size bag or for diapers and wipes if your still in that stage! Speaking of diapers and wipes, it also comes with a changing pad and wipes case. It is so easy to just reach in and grab what I need. It’s simple, sleek and deep enough for a laptop!! And it easily fits into those skinny little gym lockers! (this is probably why I like it best) It truly is a multi-purpose Tote bag! I’m Rocking it and you should Rock one too!

FYI: The voices in my head have stopped!

baby star

Baby Star as an incredible line of Products for Moms and their Hip, Modern Babies!

Baby Star

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Rock the Tote Giveaway!

To enter the Baby Star “Rock the Tote” Giveaway

1. Visit Baby Star and tell me which Tote you want to Rock!
2. Re-tweet my Giveaway!

(Contest ends December 17th 2009)

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  2. Ooohhh!! Perfect since I’m having my little girl in Jan! I’ll rock the pink metallic!!!;)

  3. i’d rock the metallic silver. it’s all glam on the outside and so girly on the inside. so even the hubs could carry it w/out feeling too wimpy.

  4. I’d love Rock the metallic turquoise rock the tote w/ balloons blue lining. Thanks for the chance!

  5. If I win…I would be Rockin n Rollin with the Metallic Silver!!!!

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