Organic Cotton Baby!

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Organic Cotton has come along way from the neutral color palette of cream, beige, and brown.  Things have gotten a bit brighter and a lot more Fun!  Check out these Savvy Sassy Finds for some of the cutest organic clothes for your Eco-Chic Babies and Toddlers!

G is for Giraffe Animal Alphabet by bioMe 5
Gifted Imaginations

Soy Organic Buddha Onesie & Pant Set
Baby Star

 Piggy Brand Long Sleeve Side Tie Onesie
This Little Piggy Wears Cotton

BabySoy Vintage 2-n-1 Tee
Franklin Goose

 Piggy Brand Ruffle Dress
This Little Piggy Wears Cotton

  Organic Striped Footie

BabySoy Year Round Hoodie
Franklin Goose

Organic cotton is generally understood as cotton, from non genetically modified plants, that is certified to be grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides.  Its production also promotes and enhances biodiversity and biological cycles.

In the United States cotton plantations must also meet the requirements enforced by the National Organic Program (NOP), from the USDA, in order to be considered organic. This institution determines the allowed practices for pest control, growing, fertilizing, and handling of organic crops.

As of 2007, 265,517 bales of organic cotton were produced in 24 countries and worldwide production was growing at a rate of more than 50% per year

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For more information on Organic Cotton you can visit and read their post “What is Organic Cotton?”  which is apart of  their Green Basics series of posts for helpful information to new Greenies.

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