My New Favorite Eco-Savvy Mom Blogs!

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I don’t know everything and I certainly cannot do everything!  Although, I am someone who wants to learn, grow and evolve into a more complete and healthy person.  By dedicating SavvySassyMoms to all things green this month it has already taught me one thing and that is small things do add up and they can make a difference.  I am not trying to be an expert on living fabulously green but I would like to be a little more savvy on the subject.   I’m not quite sure I want to become a vegan and riding my bicycle everywhere would just not work for me.  I have not changed all my lightbulbs to the more energy efficient ones but here are a couple things that I do DO!

I DO use a Brita Water Filter instead of buying all those plastic water bottles
I DO use Reusable sandwich bags for my kids lunches instead of plastic baggies
I DO use Reusable Bags when I go to the Grocery Store
I DO use Reusable children’s plates/bowls/cups instead of paper/plastic
I Do take short showers and turn the water off when I am brushing my teeth
I Turn off the lights when I am not in the room
I Pay all Our Bills Online
I Donate a lot of children’s clothes and toys to the Salvation Army
I Recycle  my cans, papers and plastics

With the help of some Eco-Savvy Mom Blogs I hope to add a few things to that list this year.  These girls have loads of information and a whole lot of Eco-Sass!

“Fabulous Finds for Eco-Friendly Living” –
a post I liked Organic Baby Clothes in a Bouguet

“A Guide to Natural Family Life”
A post I liked Laptop Lunches

Mindful Momma
“Adventures in Living Green and a Healthy Life”
A post I liked For the Love of Stainless

Petite Planet
“Baby Steps Toward Changing the World”
A post I liked  Craft TuesD.I.Y with Lisa Lopez: Decoupage Flower Pots

“Whole Living with Style and Ease”  –
A post I liked Diva  Tips for a Greener New Year

Live Green Mom
“Small Changes Add Up”
A post I liked  Holy $#!* what is in TOOTHPASTE?! Part 1.

 Green is the new Pink!
Go check them out and get inspired!

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  1. Thank you so much for including little old me in your recommendations. I am honored to be mentioned. Hot damn! I feel so legit! Dee 🙂

  2. You are right, the little things really do add up! We’re also trying to manage our food waste through planning meals based on what’s in the house, and saved a fair bit of money doing so, I’d imagine! We’re also wearing long sleeves in doors to save on the heating supply! If we all do a little bit, it’ll make a huge difference.

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  5. Thank you so much for including Petite Planet in your favorite eco-savvy mom blogs line-up! I am delighted to be in such great company and so pleased to have you as a fan! It’s moments like this that make all my hard work pay off!

  6. As a fellow Mom going green and blogger this very motivating and inspiring. Thanks for listing all the Influencers, yourself included, we should be following!

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