I have a new Eco-Savvy Friend…

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I have a new Eco-Savvy friend…and some call her the Pure Natural Diva, but I like to call her Tania.

We just attended her sons birthday party and unlike other parties I have attended – I really enjoyed this one!   I noticed there were no tacky decorations, no character matching table cloths, plastic plates or throw away cups. What a classy party. We used real dishes to eat from, and real glasses to drink from, even the kids.  Amazing!

I must admit I have been one of those parents who has had those typical throw away – wasteful parties. Guilty as charged,  but it stops NOW.  Pure Natural Diva also told me that her Christmas trash had fit into 2 brown paper bags! That’s it?  My christmas trash practically covered my living room floor. I thought gee Andrea your friend is pretty cool, why aren’t you?

So this is what I intend to do about it….from now on all entertaining, kids or adults will be plastic and paper free.  Sure there will be more dishes to clean, but it’s worth it.  This made me start to research for some great re-usable party supplies.  Here are some of my findings!

You can order a reusable cloth banner that reads ‘Happy Birthday’, a matching table runner, and cloth goodie bags for your guests.  They also offer cloth napkins, felt party bags and crowns.


Re-Usable Party in a Bag!  They have a set of  12 or a set of 25 each contains : 7″ plates, 16 oz. tumblers, and forks, knives & spoons.  Perfect for birthday parties and picnics!

Some of the cutest Gift bags I have ever seen!   You can buy an assortment of sizes and choose from a variety of fabric choices.  They even have a new line of wine bags!

 I have been inspired by Tania (aka) the Pure Natural Diva and I hope you will be too.  Her website is full of information on how to live a Eco-Friendly Life in Style!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. My major resolution this year is to take eco-living seriously. I’ll even be making my own house cleaners etc. Anyone that makes that journey easier is welcome in my feed!

  2. I follow her on twitter! Love her updates! I’m getting ready to plan a party right now. Will look into those ideas, thanks!

  3. Andrea! Wow. What kind words.
    I didn’t get my collection of party throwing items in one hit either, you can start one thing at a time!
    I have a post in the works about birthday parties where I’ll share some of the ideas we use and that I think are cool! Just have to get it out of my head and on paper!
    Thank you so much for sharing this with your readers! I write hoping to inspire, and I’m so glad that you’ve been inspired! That’s the best reward!

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  5. I also follow her on twitter and enjoy reading her tweets. She’s had some really good suggestions. Those sites are great. Thanks! Also Alice.come sells Sun and Earth which is a great Eco-Friendly brand of cleaners.

  6. Great resources! I love the party pak from Kids Konserve… great for parties but also classroom parties.
    Thanks for sharing!

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