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What excites me most about becoming a new mom is bringing is bringing in a new member to our growing family. We already have a little girl, and now we’re expecting a boy so a lot will be new to me. Thanks for having this awesome giveaway

Mother’s Day is upon us and for all of you expecting and moms with new babies at home it is most exciting because it’s your very first mother’s day!

We remember well what its like to go through the ebbs and flows of being a new mom and all that it entails, so we’ve partnered with Babycenter and Diapers.com to offer you a special post full of information, including this great “momfographic”  just for you (pin away pin savvy friends!) complete with real information for moms like you. Below that you will find our Savvy Sassy thoughts on our Top 10 Must Have Items for New Moms.  Finally, we have a fantastic giveaway for $100 from Diapers.com – so don’t forget to enter to win!!


When it comes to being a brand new mom it can be simply overwhelming to decipher all the information out there regarding gear, toys, clothing and diapers. Well, we’re taking some of the guesswork out for you by providing you with a list of 10 must have items outside of your bigger needs like the crib, carseat,  and stroller options – we figured those might be a given.

So, what other essentials should you pick up? Do you really need a swing or should you just get a bouncer? What about that Bumbo thing – is that really useful? And what kind of video monitor should you pick up? Below you’ll find a list of potential options that we think you should consider.

1. Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier – Black/Brown Organic $171.99 – Baby Bjorn is a fantastic and quality brand that we love. This baby carrier will hold your baby snuggly to you as you run your errands or take that hike, and it will be an item that grows with baby from 8-26 pounds.
2. Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bath $69.99 – The boon naked collapsible bath (not pictured)  is perfect if you’re lacking in space. Unlike the bulky plastic baths you might pick up otherwise, this one pops out when in use, and then flattens when you’re done to slide easily into or behind a cabinet. It’s also sleek and comes in bright colors which we love.
3. aden & anais muslin burpy bib pack of 2 $22.00 (not pictured) – Anything made from the light, airy muslin material is a win. These particular bips are made with four layers of the soft material for extra protection from those little spit-ups baby tends to make.  Swaddling blankets made in this same material are also great in the summer months so baby doesn’t get too warm but gets the benefit of the swaddle.
4. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Getting Started Kit $12.99 – Burt’s Bees is a quality, all natural bath product company for both adults as well as children. This kit contains lotion, baby shampoo and wash, diaper ointment, baby oil, and buttermilk soap. The perfect starter kit for your baby bee.
5. Lamaze Mr. Whoozeit $14.99 – Primary colors on the front, black and white on the back and an adorable squeaky nose – it was all of our girls’ favorite first toy. It  has a velcro hanging ribbon for the car seat. It’s the perfect first toy.
6. Bumbo with Seat Cover  (Bumbo$39.99 + seat cover $15.99) – The bumbo is a great way to have baby with you around the house when they start supporting their own neck. The seat cover adds an element of aesthetic appeal for you savvy sassy moms who enjoy changing things up a bit with your baby gear. Bumbos also have tray options for when baby starts solids.
7. Bananafish Granada Tote Diaper Bag $119.99 – who wants a diaper bag that looks like a diaper bag? The  bag pictured above fits all of your diapering and baby needs and includes a changing pad, dry dirty duds bag and two side pockets for bottles and other essentials. You can look stylish while on the go with your sweet bundle.
8. Bebe au Lait Papillon Nursing Cover $35.00 – Chic “hooter hider” for nursing mothers are a must – style and independence does not have to be sacrificed for breastfeeding. What we love about these covers is they have  a boning at the top that pulls the cover away from your neck so you can see baby and baby can see you as you are nursing.
9. Mobi Digital Monitor $193.99 –  a wireless monitor that works in up to four rooms when you purchase additional cameras. This is an upgrade from your traditional monitoring system and believe me when I say it’s worth the investment. You will use this system throughout their infant, toddler and big kid years. Additionally, if you plan to have multiple children, you can monitor them all at the same time with this system. This is an area where your money is well spent.
10. Fisher Price My Little Lamb Swing $134.99 – Forgo the bouncy seat and go with the swing. You can always keep the swing stationary if you need a similar function at some point throughout the day. The My Little Lamb Swing has three different swinging positions offering variety for baby. Weight limit is 25lbs, so this will grow with your child through the first year.

Motherhood is one of the most rewarding as well as the most challenging journeys, so we hope that by providing you with some guidance in what you may need in the gear department, we’ve made it a little bit easier on you. And we look forward to providing one of you with $100 for some of that great gear, so be sure to enter our giveaway below!!  Happy Mother’s Day new moms!

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Diapers.com in conjunction with Babycenter Blog Network but all savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my own.

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  1. What excites you most about being a new mom?

    Everything! I was always told we couldn’t have kids, and after finding out we were pregnant with twins and then losing one, to just be able to be a new mom is the most exciting thing in the world. I love reading reviews, finding information and helpful articles, and dreaming up our baby registry. I felt him kick for the first time outside my belly (before I could only feel him internally) and happy tears just streamed down my face at the redlight we were stopped at. I was following my husband and he noticed, pulled over thinking something was wrong, and then we laughed and smiled about it. Being a new mom is one of the most scary, exciting, and surreal experiences one can have, and I’m blessed to be able to say that I’m part of that club now!

    brittchelette at gmail dot com

  2. new moms: did you know Breast Milk is used for curing ear infections, pink eye, stuffy noses, rashes, cradel cap among other things? not just on baby but on others also.

  3. I have already “Liked” Diapers.com on Facebook 🙂

    brittchelette at gmail dot com

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  7. What excites me most about being a mom is knowing I have these two little babies to take care of, to raise and to love with all my heart no matter what happens on this journey in life!

  8. My new mom advice to trust your instincts. Everyone will have an opinion but every baby is different and only YOU know your baby


  9. I “Like” Diapers.com on Facebook

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  12. Most exciting? At this point, it’s just not being pregnant anymore! I do remember that soft and floppy baby feeling though — that’s fun! What’s more fun is being a not-so-new mom and seeing your kid’s personality develop.

  13. I love being a mother having 4 small people to love and love me unconditionally

  14. follow Diapers @sunshyne1977

  15. the best advice is to trust your own instincts

  16. What excites me most is that with every new baby, I become a new mom *again*! Each child has changed me in his or her own way. Can’t wait to see what #5 does to me!

  17. The thing I live most about being a new mom is having someone to love an think about all day long – whether I am with her or not… I’m thinking about her every second

  18. Walking the streets with my honey in a stroller!

  19. I just liked diapers.com on Facebook

  20. If you have a c-section and is nursing your baby do the The Side-Lying Position! It is comfortable and easy on your c-section. When i finished nursing my baby i put her in her bed because she is so small at this point i was afraid i might cruse her. I didn’t know about this nursing position intill 2 weeks later, by that time i was heal and my baby was bigger. Hope this will help someone!

  21. What excited me about being a new mom three times over is that every child has their own personality and aura that exudes them its an amazing thing to bring individuals into this world; it’s absolutely rewarding

  22. Everything about being a mom is both wonderful and tough sometimes. We are truly the first ones up and the last to go to bed 🙂 But I wouldn’t trade it for my boys smiles, cuddles and I love yous. nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

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  27. Like you on FB – nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  28. Newletter subscriber – nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  29. I am most excited about snuggling my baby girl and all of the cute clothes!

  30. Excited to be a mom so I can go to zoos, childrens museums, and music groups – it feels funny going with out kids

  31. I like Diapers.com on Twitter – @amycoh

  32. My advice is to sleep every chance you get.

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  36. I can’t wait to see her personality develop and to watch her learn and experience the great big world!

  37. What excites me most about becoming a new mom is bringing is bringing in a new member to our growing family. We already have a little girl, and now we’re expecting a boy so a lot will be new to me. Thanks for having this awesome giveaway

  38. I’ve never bought anything from Diapers.com but I keep finding myself ‘window shopping’ through their items! What a wonderful website for moms!

  39. I like Diapers.com on Facebook. (Deanna Cali)

  40. I like Savvy Sassy Moms on Facebook. (Deanna Cali)

  41. I follow @diapersdotcom on Twitter. (@calidreamin87)

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  43. I am most excited about watching my daughter grow and learn things.

  44. I like Diapers.com on facebook (Jessica Miller)

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  48. My new mom advice is to sleep while baby sleeps. 🙂

  49. I “Like” Diapers.com on Facebook

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  52. I love baby snuggles and kisses – I have a 2 yr old now and we are trying for a second. The love you get from a child is so incredible.

  53. I subscribe to the newsletter under thepreppypeshke at gmail dot com

  54. I joined a new mothers group and it has been so helpful to talk to other women going through the same thing.

  55. Advice for a new mom – sleep when the baby sleeps. Someone else can clean up later.

  56. Follow Diapers.com on Twitter

  57. “Like” Savvy Sassy Moms on Facebook

  58. Subscribe to Savvy Sassy Moms Newsletter

  59. The fact that I am responsible for someone other than myself.

  60. Liked” Diapers.com on Facebook

  61. Take a lot of pictures and videos! I wish I would have done more!

  62. I’m excited to have a little newborn baby once again and enjoy those little moments without allot of the questions and uncertainties of being a first time mom. Although its baby #2 I don’t think I can give much advice 🙂

  63. I follow diapers.com on twitter as @ngelicamtz

  64. What excites me most about being a MOM is the joy of what’s in store! All the lovely moments that are to come soon. Hearing their coos, giggles, laughs! Looking forward of all the cute clothes Mom has to get for baby. The BONDING with Baby… Everything 🙂

  65. I’ve been a long time follower of Diapers.com on twitter – @ famous_chamaka

  66. Also have been a long time fan of Diapers.com on Facebook

  67. I think what most excites me is my ability to help create a human being and bring him/her into this world…and love and give nuggles.

    parenting advice: love is all baby really needs ( :

  68. I am most excited to see my new baby girl personality develop.

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