Mexican-Inspired Charcuterie Board

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Watch out Taco Tuesday! We’ve got our eye on you Fiesta Friday! (We made that last one up, but it’s totally a thing. Trust us.) We love to entertain on all the holidays, but any excuse to enjoy cheese dip and margaritas, and we’re so in! Because of our propensity to celebrate all things taco, we decided to have a little fun on a classic entertaining go-to.  We created this festive Mexican-inspired charcuterie board and now that we’ve given it a test run, it might be our go-to board when it comes to hosting guests.

The Mexican-inspired charcuterie board is super simple to set up, and filled with all things food dreams are made of. We put together a quick and easy version, but the options are endless when it comes to this festive pre-dinner feast.

Mexican-inspired charcuterie board

How to create a Mexican-insipred charcuterie board

Like any good charcuterie board various meats and cheeses create a good base. With the Mexican-inspired charcuterie board you can have a little more fun with it. Branching out a bit and utilizing those delicious Mexican flavors is what makes this charcuterie board stand above its somewhat bland predecessor.

Taco Tuesday appetizer board

What you’ll need 

  • A variety of cheeses
  • A variety of meats (preferably sliced)
  • Your favorite variety of peppers (whole mini or sliced)
  • Guacamole or sliced avocados
  • Queso dip
  • Salsa dip
  • Variety of tortilla chips
  • Slices of chorizo

Other ideas include black beans, ceviche, corn dip, warmed flour tortillas, sour cream…there are so many great options to utilize with this theme!

How to present

The magic of the charcuterie board is that all of the contents of this pre-dinner treat can be shared all on one serving piece. So grab your favorite wooden cutting board, or your favorite festive serving tray and start arranging. Really you can do no wrong when it comes to arrangement, but we placed the dips in the center of our serving tray and worked our way out from there.

Mexican-inspired charcuterie board

From cheeses to chips, simply place all of your ingredients on the tray in defined groups and – olé! You’re Mexican-inspired charcuterie board is ready to serve to your guests!

Serve with a margarita (or two) and your next fiesta will be the best-a!

charcuterie board ideas

What are some of your favorite charcuterie board themes?

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