Entertaining 101, you don’t need much!

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As a party stylist and entertainer you can imagine my “shock” when people say they don’t have time to entertain, don’t know how to entertain, or can’t afford to entertain! : D My mission is to clear the way for you to do just that by showing you how simple, easy, and affordable it can be.

Here’s my little Entertaining 101”to help you get started.

You can begin by hosting a small potluck gathering with 4-6 friends.  After all, everyone usually asks “what can I bring” anyway, so why not assign a dish to each guest or couple?  The idea is really to enjoy each others company, have a few laughs, and some great conversation.  This type of gathering is so easy you can even do it on a week night or Friday night.

Make sure your bathroom is clean and dust bunnies are in check, and keep the lighting low to hide any missed areas, and to make everyone look even better! A little background music is always nice to have. I personally prefer smooth jazz, but you may like something more like Jack Johnson or Coldplay. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your conversation, you should be fine.

Keep drinks simple, and complementary to the meal. Beer and wine will please most palettes, and water and soda are great for non-drinkers. Set your table with casual dishes and glassware, and a simple centerpiece of market flowers in a glass vase, bottle, or mason jar. This is your time & place to sit and enjoy the friendships you’ve made and cherish!

This is the most basic formula for entertaining, that I can share. It gets everyone involved, and doesn’t cost a fortune. No one is left doing all the work and feeling too exhausted to enjoy themselves, either. Over time I’ll talk more in depth about themes, décor, and other ideas, but I thought this would make for a nice introduction. For more party inspiration you can visit my blog, Celebrations At Home. Cheers!

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