Silents Are Golden

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Hello by Starshaped Press

Jen, from Starshaped Press, has always loved silent films. When she found some of the antique metal typefaces used for the film’s intertitles, she was inspired to share her love of the silent films by recreating some of the intertitles into greeting cards.

Good News by Starshaped Press

Starshaped Press is a letterpress studio located in Chicago.  Jen started her studio about 11 years ago after studying graphic design and working for a similar letterpress shop in Chicago.  Starshaped Press is a full time operation focused on keeping the original craft of letterpress alive by using both wood and metal antique type. In addition to letterpress cards and prints, Starshaped Press also does custom work.

Be Seeing You by Starshaped Press

Jen has generously offered up a set of cards from the Silents Are Golden series, five cards total.  Go to Starshaped Press and take a look at the entire series.  Can you tell which one doesn’t belong?  If you are the first person to pick out the card that doesn’t belong and can tell why, you will win the set of cards.  This is a tough one. Can you guess?

Pay a visit to the Starshaped Press Etsy shop to see all the wonderful letterpress they have to offer. You can also follow then on Facebook.

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