Getting creative with Ciao Bella Gelato

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With so many flavors and products, Ciao Bella is more than a dessert, it’s a sweet lifestyle and a lifestyle that I have no problem diving right into!  For the third year in a row Ciao Bella was in the Style Suite serving up some delicious treats to our special guests. Using their blood orange sorbet and Mionetto prosecco they made the perfect summertime Bellini.  They also created an indulgent protein packed treat using their new Adonia greek yogurt with fruit and granola toppings and a drizzle of chocolate.  Just when you think that Ciao Bella can only be served with a bowl and a spoon they go and create even more ways to sip and serve Ciao Bella for any occasion and all year long.

Check out four more ways to have your gelato… and eat it too!

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Bellini Bar: For parties, forget the hassle of a signature drink: Pick up a few pints of your favorite Ciao Bella sorbet flavors, a few bottles of champagne and create a build-your-own bellini bar! One scoop of sorbet per glass of champagne creates a sweet, headache-free custom cocktail for each of your guests. (Family-friendly tip: Sub sparkling cider, seltzer or club soda for the under-21 set)

Jazz up your coffee break: Do as the Italians do by dropping a scoop of Espresso Gelato into your coffee for an authentic affogato. Skip the ice and lemons for your freshly brewed iced tea this summer and serve each glass with a scoop of Lemon Zest Sorbet for an instant and sophisticated upgrade to a summer staple!

Breakfast gets a boost
: For a fun and healthy spin on the most important meal of the day, create an Adonia Greek Frozen Yogurt by Ciao Bella smoothie! Try topping the blueberry or raspberry flavors with fresh blueberries, strawberries and granola for a fat-free, high-protein meal!

Glamping with Smores:  Even if the tent is just in your own backyard the kids will love the Key Lime Graham Gelato Squares and Belgian Chocolate S’mores Gelato Squares (a frozen rendition of the classic campfire treat).

For more ideas, visit: 7 ways Ciao Bella will WOW you!


What’s your favorite way to add Ciao Bella to your day?

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