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If you’re having a baby, and plan on driving your little muffin around town, you’ll need a car seat!

Car seats come in 4 sub Categories for all the ages and stages, so each category has it’s own top 10 picks from (which was based on actual sales)   I have listed the top two in each category and added my own Savvy Sassy pick.

For the full report:   Top 10 Car seat Survey Results 

Infant:  The first car ride as a parent can be exciting and scary. I can remember being  a nervous reck while driving home with our 3 day old precious cargo.   What even made me more nervous was hoping that the straps weren’t  too tight or questioning if we had the seat even installed properly.  It was the longest 8 miles of my life.

Infant seats are the only rear facing seats and are for birth to 35 lbs, most attach to a stroller and have a handle to allow for easy transportaion without disrupting a sleeping baby.

#1 Graco Snugride 35  $169.99

#2 Britax Chaperone Infant $229.99

My Savvy Sassy Pick:  #8 The Peg Perego


Convertible:   This is the seat that will be with you and your child for a long time, so make sure its a good one!   If you plan on having more than 1 child then buying a good quality is key and if you happen to space your children out far eno0ugh, you may not to have to buy another one, depending on how messy the first kid gets it;)

Convertible seats start out rear facing and can be changed to forward facing as the child grows.  They also allow for a longer life because they can go up to 70 lbs depending on the make and model.


#1  Britax Marathon 70  $279.99

*Rear-facing: From 5 to 40 lbs.
*Forward-facing: At least 1 year and 20 lbs.; up to 70 lbs

#2  Britax Roundabout 55  $199.99

  • Rear-facing: From 5 to 40 lbs.
  • Forward-facing:At least 1 year and 20 lbs.; up to 55lbs.

My Savvy Sassy Pick: 
Agreed!   Britax Marathon 70 (cowmooflage)  It’s Sassy!


Toddler:   These seats definitely make the child feel a little less baby and a lot more like a big kid.  When a child gets to this seat, they want to “do it themselves” meaning they can get into the seat and buckle up with little help from Mom or Dad.  These seats are forward facing only and allow you to use the 5 point harness system on your child longer or you can use your car’s safety belt.

#1  Britax Frontier 85 Booster Seat  $279.99


#2  Graco Nautilus 3-n-1  Seat  $179.99


My Savvy Sassy Pick:  #8 Eddie Baur Deluxe Highback  $129.99
But if you took the suggestion from the #1 Convertible category, you could skip this one all together and go right to the booster.

Booster:  These are for when the kid has outgrown the booster seat but aren’t big enough to us the  adult seat belt alone.  These usually come with a removable back so even when they are big enough but still need a boost, they can just use the bottom seat with the adult seat belt.


Graco Highback Turbo Booster Seat

#2  Britax Parkway Booster Seat $119.99

  • Seated shoulder height: Up to 21.5 in.
  • From 40 to 120 lbs.        

Savvy Sassy Pick:  If you wanted to stick with the Sassy Britax Cowmooflage there is a matching booster seat! or go with the  The Graco Backless turbo booster seat  for only $26.99


  • Check out the FULL report from on the Top 10 Car Seats!
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