Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Flare

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Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner and we’ve got some savvy, sassy ideas ready for you and your familia. Get ready to throw one heck of a fiesta with these simple crafts and recipes – it’s as easy as uno, dos, tres!

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Margarita Cupcakes

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Since I’m currently pregnant, and can’t have an actual margarita, these cupcakes will have to do. Tangy lime frosting with a not too sweet cake batter mix makes for the perfect bite. Candied lime zest tops it all off. If you’re looking for a bigger kick, go ahead and use tequila in the frosting, then tell me how it is so I can live vicariously though you.

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Piñata Surprise Cookies

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A talented baker friend of mine actually made these cookies last Cinco de Mayo and managed to outshine all the other festive crafts at her neighborhood party. Colorful striped sugar cookies are pressed together with icing. Inside are some chocolate surprises – just like a real piñata with all the fun, minus the bat and the blindfold.

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Arts and Crafts Mariachi Guitar

Photo Courtesy of PattiesClassRoom.Blogspot.com

These gussied up guitars are a fun and easy craft for preschoolers. Use regular household items – cardboard, paper bags, tape, glue, felt, string and construction paper to decorate. Start your own mini mariachi band. This is a great way to teach kids about Mexican inspired music.

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Egg Maracas

Photo courtesy of DanaMadeIt.com Speaking of forming your own mini mariachi band, use some of those left over Easter plastic eggs for easy to make maracas. Fill them with beans, rice or beads then decorate. Use spoons for instant handles. Get shaking and making beautiful music together.

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Grapefruit Margarita

Photo courtesy of SweetLifeBake.com

Give your margarita a fresh twist by using ruby red grapefruit juice (preferably fresh squeezed) instead of the traditional lime. Your friends and taste buds will thank you for this modern twist on a classic favorite. You can still line the rim with salt – it helps cut the tartness of the juice and is a welcomed compliment to the spicy tequila. Finish with a wedge of fresh fruit or a candied swirl of grapefruit rind.

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Margarita Popsicles

Photo courtesy of TheSweetestOccassion.com Instead of serving up frozen margaritas in a glass – try them in popsicle form. All you need are disposable paper cups, popsicle sticks, juice or margarita frozen concentrate, tequila and a freezer. Make them virgin for a family friendly dessert.

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Play an authentic game of Loteria – the Latin American version of bingo. Not only is it super fun and easy to play, but you’ll be learning a lot of Spanish in the process. And just in case you didn’t know, Loteria is the Spanish word for lottery. See, you’re already learning!

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Taco Cups 

Photo courtesy of BevCooks.com

No Cinco de Mayo would be complete without some delicious food. This twist on the traditional taco is family and crowd friendly. Take advantage of your cupcake tins and make individual taco cups complete with spicy filling, cheese, beans, sour cream and pico de gallo. Use wonton wrappers for an extra crispy shell. We guarantee there won’t be any leftovers.

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Mini Cone Piñatas

Photos courtesy of TodaysMama.com

Use these colorful piñatas to decorate your casa for the big day. Use ribbons, tissue paper, buttons and more for the perfect design. Two party hats put together end-to-end make the quintessential piñata shape. You can leave them plain or add a few surprises that you kids can get to after dinner.

Moms, what will you be doing to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year?

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  1. Love these fun ideas for Cinco de Mayo especially the pinata cookies. Too cute! I’m definitely making those margarita popsicles. Perfect for a beach party!

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