holiday cocktails

Cheers! 10 Holiday Cocktails

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holiday cocktails

What do dinner with your mother-in-law and a cozy night in with your girlfriends have in common? Both will look a little brighter with one of these holiday cocktails in your hand. With family stress and shopping madness overwhelming you at every turn, it can be tempting to open a bottle of wine and call it an evening — and we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with a good bottle of wine!

But the holidays are here for such a short period of time. Take a few extra minutes to mix together a holiday cocktail, many of which can be made from ingredients you already keep in your liquor cabinet or refrigerator. Those moments give you the pause you need to regroup and to keep your spirits bright with these fabulous special occasion cocktails.

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  1. Poinsettia
  2. Mulled Wine
  3. Sugar Plum Martini
  4. Winter Pear Cocktail
  5. Bah Humbug! Martini
  6. Winter Citrus Sangria
  7. Bourbon Hot Chocolate
  8. Christmas Tree Cocktails
  9. Spiced Cranberry Cocktail
  10. Salted Caramel Nut Cocktail

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Do you have a favorite holiday cocktail? We’re always looking for fun signature drinks.

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