Why You Should Create a Summer Bucket List

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Every year about this time, I break into a cold sweat trying to figure out if I am truly prepared for summer. Have I scheduled enough for the kids to do so that I’m not bombarded by a constant stream of “I’m boreds?” Have I left enough flex room in the schedule that we can be spontaneous and attend events and activities as they arise?

Why the summer bucket list worked for my family

Last summer, I created a Summer Bucket List, and it was a truly a great tool to have on hand during the dog days of summer. When we didn’t have any finite plans for the day, and my kids weren’t in the mood for the same park or splash pad, we got out the Bucket List and randomly picked an activity off of it. Then we were able to try something new for the day without bickering about what that may be!

Some of these items take more than a day’s notice, but others work right away, allowing for some variety and flexibility in your summer.

Summer Bucket List

A printable bucket list to get you started

Sometimes we need a few quick ideas before we start our list. This printable Summer Bucket List will be hanging in our home all summer, and you might want to check off some of the boxes, too.

How many of these can you check off, making Summer 2019 truly epic?

  • Check out a pool in a neighboring town (preferably one you’ve never visited!)
  • Go to an amusement park
  • Go for a bike ride in a new neighborhood or bike trail
  • Spend a night at a hotel with a pool within 50 miles of your home
  • Plan a weekend getaway more than 50 miles away
  • Read 15 books (bonus points if they are in a foreign language!)
  • Check out a new camp- day camp, overnight camp, VBS, you choose!
  • Camp out in your backyard
  • Host an ice cream social for your friends
  • Have a lemonade stand
  • Do an outdoor scavenger hunt
  • Host a water balloon fight
  • Go to a baseball game- pro or minor league
  • Make your own popsicles
  • Visit a museum you’ve never been to
  • Meet a few friends for snow cones
  • Have a picnic at the park
  • Take a day trip to someplace you’ve never been
  • Watch a movie under the stars
  • Grab a bucket of chalk and draw pictures and leave kind messages wherever you can!
  • Catch a great fireworks display
  • Have a watermelon-eating contest
  • Build a sandcastle—on the beach, at the park, in your backyard, wherever!
  • Stay up way, way too late and sleep in the next day!

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