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10 Building sets for budding architects

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building sets
The benefits of building sets

Building sets are fabulous toys for growing brains. Kids can learn to follow instructions to make pre-designed sets and then use their imaginations to put together creative buildings and designs. Blocks and other building sets are considered open-ended toys, meaning kids can use the toys in pretend play. Even the pre-designed sets can be used creatively. Kids will blend a LEGO castle with their favorite little dolls or cars, letting their imaginations create entirely new worlds. We found 10 building sets to add to your LEGO collection.

Choosing a building set

Blocks are available in a variety of materials, from cardboard to wood to plastic and in any possible size. When choosing a set, pay attention to the age range suggested by the manufacturer.

Young children will have fun with oversized blocks that allow them to build with room for error — don’t forget toddlers and preschoolers enjoy knocking down their creations as much as they love stacking their blocks towards the sky.

Tiny blocks like Nanoblock have wonderfully creative options, but their tiny size make them difficult for little fingers to manipulate and easy for little mouths to swallow. Save tiny building sets for older children who won’t be discouraged by the time and attention to detail needed.

Color preferences and character tie-ins depend on children’s interests. Some parents choose to go with one or two manufacturers in order to maximize the way in which the building sets can be used together. If you do choose to introduce a large number of sets, separate bins will save your sanity — even if it means a few extra minutes at cleanup time.

Do you and your kids have a favorite building set?
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WEDGiTS ($25)
ROK Blocks
Magna-Tiles Starter Set
Nanoblock Sagrada Familia ($20)
Citiblocks 200 Piece Hot Colors ($50)
GoldieBlox and the Parade Float ($20)
Marbulous Super-Fun Marble Run
LEGO Friends Heartlake News Van ($25)
Hardwood Unit Blocks – Starter Set ($270)
THE LEGO MOVIE® Cloud Cuckoo Palace ($20)


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