7 Great play tents and teepees for kids

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7 great play tents/tee pees

When I was little, my brother and I played house in a cardboard box that a TV my parents bought came in. We used that box for months until it finally started falling apart and we needed to get rid of it. If your kids love to play in small spaces and boxes or tents, step it up a notch with some seriously fun play tents and teepees!

Imaginative play is great

While I still think it’s important for little ones to use their imagination, and a cardboard box can certainly help them with that, it’s no fun when the box starts falling apart and you realize you need something a bit sturdier. Kids love tiny little spaces to hide, play, read or just be in, and these incredible tents and teepees will blow their little socks off!

No matter what colour scheme or theme your child has going on in their room, there is a play tent or teepee that can fit in perfectly. These sweet tents are a great addition to your little one’s room — can’t you just imagine them hiding out, reading books with a flashlight or having an invite-only tea party? They can be a great little hideaway that is not only adorable but an affordable addition to your kids’ rooms.

Take a look at these 7 great tents/teepees that will look perfect in your children’s rooms.

Orange and white strip tee peeOrange and white stripe teepeeB.E. Little You and Me

This tent will add a gorgeous pop of orange colour to your child’s space. Great for either a boy or a girl’s room!

Yellow Chevron Teepee

Yellow chevron teepeeLittle Birds Boutique

Chevron is still in — what better way to incorporate it into your little ones’ room than with this super stylish teepee?

Pow Wow kids play tent

Pow wow kids play tent A Place For Everything

I love the sweet pattern of this teepee. It would be a lovely addition to any little girls’ room. I can foresee many tea parties happening in this play tent!

Circus tent

Circus tentPink Olive

Keep the fun of the circus going at home with this fun and adorable circus tent! Lions will be tamed and clowns will entertain in this cute tent.

Land of Nod Rocket Tent

Rocket ship play homeLand of Nod

My little girl loves anything to do with space. She would love to pretend that she was exploring the great unknown in this cool rocket ship tent. Your little future astronaut will do the same!

Mushroom play tent

Mushroom play tentWayfair

I love this whimsical tent and the endless imaginary possibilities it can have in your child’s room. From pretending to be animals in a forest or tiny fairies, this will get a ton of use!

Campervan tent

Campervan tentNot on the High Street

This tent is a blast-from-the-past and will provide endless hours of fun! I love the ultra cool vibe it would add to any little girl or boy’s play space.

Which one of these amazing play tents would your kids like best? 


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  1. These are so fun!! 🙂 I love the teepees so much. I’ll definitely be getting one for my little guy eventually!


  2. Hi, could you please tell me where I can purchase the circus tent and how much it is, thank you

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