Fresh spring makeup look

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I know it’s not nice and warm all over the world, but for the majority of us the sun has finally began to shine and we’re finally enjoying spring. With the new season always comes new trends and styles as well.

New, fresh spring makeup look.

For me, somehow after making it through a gloomy winter (lots of rain for us!) I want lighter, softer and brighter colors. This goes for everything including my makeup. I like to keep it simple, fresh and clean.

Here’s a simple sprig makeup look that anyone can do!

simple and Fresh spring makeup look

I’ll walk you through it real quick, you’ll see it’s very easy. it’s actually what I use almost everyday!

  • Start with the eyes! This way the powder doesn’t fall down onto your face after you’ve done your foundation.
  • Two colors is all it takes. A cream all over your lid and a muted brown/tan in the creases. Blend with the same cream you started with & you’re done!
  • Regular brown pencil eye liner starting on the inside of your eye line on the inner corner all the way out. Then the outside corner but only half way in. Keep the inside corners of your eyes clean & bright!
  • Concealer (if you need it, I know I do!) under eyes and if you have any blemishes to cover up.
  • Foundation all over.
  • For blush try using a bronzer on your cheek bones and up onto your hairline. This definitely helps warm up your face for sure.
  • Finish it all off with a sheer, pinkish gloss!

Fresh spring face

These look like a bunch of bad mug shots… at least they got better as they progressed. I’m sobering up!

  1. Here I have no foundation or face makeup on, just the eyes.
  2. Added eye liner and mascara. And now you have seen proof why I should never leave the house without these two.
  3. Concealer mainly under the eye and some blemishes below my cheek bones.
  4. Done! See the difference between 3 and 4? I mean, I know the 3 is an ‘in progress’ pic but you can see how much the bronzer adds and how these simple steps can take me from zombie to presentable!
Do you make any chances with your makeup routine when seasons change?

What are your tips for a fresh spring makeup look? I’d love to hear them!
Have a great day!

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