Get out and play with Globber Scooters

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Get out and play with Globber ScootersAs a mom of two very active children, I try to incorporate plenty of outside playtime into our day. Like most children, mine thrive on playing outdoors. Whether temps are in the 30s or in the 100s, they are happy to frolic in the sunshine for hours. We have a garage full of fun outdoor toys for them to play with, but their new go-to favorite is the Globber My Free Scooter.

Easy assembly makes for happy parents

The Globber Scooter is easy to assemble

Now while my son instantly loved his new Globber scooters, assembly is where my husband and I fell in love. Children’s toys are notorious for coming with a thousand parts and a list of instructions, aren’t they?

The Globber My Free Scooter came in two pieces out of the box — the handlebar and the base — and it literally took less than a minute to assemble. We clicked the handlebar into place, did a quick twist of one of the Allen wrenches provided, and our scooter-loving little boy was off.

Cool Scooters for Kids: Globber Scooter

Let’s roll!

Cool new scooters for kids from Globber

From box to pavement, my son was off and rolling in minutes and never looked back. Being new to the feel of a scooter, I was a little nervous about how well he would do, but the Globber Free design and safety features quickly put me to ease.

The Globber My Free Scooter is created with a low deck that allows for better stability to improve the child’s balance and performance. The scooter also features Globber’s revolutionary XCROSS designed handlebar system that provides a strengthened structure and improved turning ability.

If we felt at any time our son wasn’t able to properly steer his scooter safely we were able to limit this feature with the steering lock button located on the front. With the simple push of a button he’s able to practice scooting until he can master balancing and steering at the same time.

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Safety Lock Steering Features on the Globber Scooter for Kids

Designed to last

The Best Scooters for Kids

Having a wildly active son, we definitely put toys to the ringer. My son quickly mastered scooting around and gave the Globber My Free Scooter a full quality control test. On the first day we had it at home, he must have scooted up and down the street at least a hundred times and every day since he has scooted his little heart out.

The Globber Free Scooter held up to the test and can more than handle the rambunctious play of a child. With the sturdy frame and the polyurethane and nylon wheels, we know that the scooter will be able to safely and happily log plenty of more miles.

The Best Scooters for Kids

Overall we love the Globber Free Scooter, and the confidence that it gives us as parents that our children are enjoying a fun outdoor play activity that we can safely monitor and adjust as he builds confidence and skill.

How do your little ones get out and play?

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