Back-to-school shopping at Justice

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I recently took my girls to Justice for some back-to-school shopping and we could not have had a better time. Usually, I buy all of my girls’ clothing with little input from them. However, they are getting to the age where the want to pick what they wear, so this was such a wonderful, positive and fun experience for us all.

Back-to-School Shopping at Justice

Meaningful messages for girls

Originally, this shopping trip was supposed to be for my oldest daughter who is 8-years-old. However, as soon as we walked in, the sweet associates greeted us all and immediately made both of my daughters feel welcomed and so special. Their sizing starts as small as size 5 and although Justice is geared for tween girls from ages 7-14, my 6-year-old already thinks she is going on 16, so she fit right in!

The associates really connected with the girls by asking them questions, giving them compliments when they tried on outfits and boosting their self-esteem in a way that I never could have imagined.

There were positive messages all over the store from the associates to graphic tees and even in the dressing rooms where they had uplifting and important messages written on the mirrors.

Shopping at Justice for Back-to-School

In a world where gossip, cliques and not-so-nice behavior between girls starts earlier and earlier, it was refreshing to see the fun and positive messages on their graphic tees. Our favorite, by far, was this Kindness Tee ($30).

Kindness Tee for Girls from Justice

I’m constantly telling my girls how important it is to be kind so as soon as we saw this one, we knew it had to come home with us!

Back-to-school fashion trends

I let my girls stroll around the store to see what might catch their eye. As they did, the associates showed them different styles, current trends for back-to-school and the most up-to-date fashions.

I think every little girl wants to be like their mother (even if they won’t admit it!) and for my own style, boots, jeans and cute tees are always a go-to. My girls often want to copy this comfy, yet fun, style so we paired the Striped Long Sleeve Raglan Tee ($12) with Denim Jeggings ($20) to create a similar look.

Back-to-School Trends for Tweens

This outfit will keep her feeling girly, comfortable and stylish at school this fall. Plus, with the straight-forward deals Justice is now offering, cute outfits won’t break the bank! Both of these pieces were Justice Style Buys, which are affordable prices on the pieces girls really want to wear.

Finding their individual style

My two girls could not be more different from one another. They each have their own unique personalities which, in turn, gives them their own unique style. One is more sporty and the other more of a girly-girl, but something they both agree on is feeling cool and comfortable in active wear.

Activewear for Girls from Justice

The Play Like a Girl collection caught both of their eyes the moment we walked in the store. They love wearing athletic clothes and they loved that they could represent their own individual sports with their outfits.

Play Like a Girl Soccer Outfits from Justice

Play Like a Girl Outfits from Justice

These outfits truly shows of their individual style and personality, yet again, boosting their self-confidence and putting a smile on their faces.

Cool Activewear for Girls from Justice

As a girl mom, I want nothing more than for my daughters to embrace who they are and celebrate what makes them unique and special. I’m so happy to have found a store that helps with that same message. Justice really does have something to offer every girl, every day!

What's New at Justice for Back-to-School

To learn more about what Justice has to offer for girls be sure to visit their website and check out their catalog, the Justice Catazine, for all of the new styles for fall. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!

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